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Sunday, April 3, 2011

New uses for old things--baking

I love new uses for items I already have. Don't you? I also love Real Simple, an online magazine. Today's list of 50 things to reuse in a different way lists favorites I already use, some ideas that will be incorporated into my kitchen, and one thing I would never, ever do. Do not use a golf tee to decorate your food--think China, toxic paint, poison.

Right now, I cannot post pictures until I pay Picasa $5. It seems my picture capacity quickly "became full" on the very day that marks a year from when I started this blog! So, it is $5/year from now on. Does anyone know a free way to get pictures onto my blog?

I know--$5 is not a lot of money. Here is where my parsimony kicks in and I dig in my heels.  Also, do you know if anyone can access my web album? The Picasa sight did not give me lots of clues. Or, I missed it.

Back to the "reuse" list. You can submit a hint to Real Simple and maybe get it published. You can enroll and receive this mag in email. Check it out for some great ideas. I will be posting other reuse hints from the site in the future.

Your turn
What is your favorite new use for an old thing in the kitchen?


  1. I right click on a picture that I like, then scroll down to "Save As" a small window will pop up: then I name the picture and save it to my desktop. I then add the pic to my blog from my desktop.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Patty,
    Okay, I will do that. I take all my own pictures and save in documents. Will it work for those pictures? Thank you soooo much.

  3. Patty, I managed to get Taylor Swift's picture on my blog with a copy and paste. But, my photos, not happening.

  4. I wish I were able to help. I'm clueless about this stuff! :-( Sorry!

  5. Maybe I'm not understanding, but I just use whatever the default picture storing site for blogger. Whenever I want to include a picture, I just click on the add an image icon, browse to find the picture on my hard drive, upload & it's there in my blog. I thought once that I was limited to 5 pictures per post, but then realised I could just click the icon again to load a second set of 5 images (I think the most I've ever added is 20 in one post).

    Another alternative is flickr, you can get a basic account for free. Not sure what the limits on the free account are though.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Copy & Pasting directly from one web page to your com[posing page does not always work depending on which web browser you use, sometimes you can 'drag & drop' (almost always works with my MAC) . -but- what has ALWAYS worked for me is: Blogger has a function to insert a picture file directly from your computer. You will see it at the top of the body of the post, there's a toolbar, right next to the word 'link' there's a square that looks like a framed picture. Click on that and a window will open (highlight 'Upload' because you are uploading a pic from your own computer. at the top click on the button 'Choose File'. Another window will pop open and from there you can go to the folder where your saved pictures are & select the pic you want. I have not tried to add an image from from Picasa or a URL because I believe that if the source of that picture is deleted then the picture will be deleted or 'grayed out' on your blog because I do believe it is HTML based. I hope this helps.

  7. I found instruction with graphics that are easier to understand than mine:

    I hope this helps.


  8. I do what Toria does, just use bloggers in house tools. I also have a flickr account but can't be bothered with the extra steps. I use flickr now and then to store some project images. They too have a max of how much you can use for free but I'm not sure what it is. If I ran out of free space or time, I'd find another hosting site. Yes, I'm that frugal.

  9. I do the same as Toria and LindaM
    Upload to the computer and use Blogger to get them into a post.


  10. I will try some of this later. Right now, the internet is down at my house. The word from ATT is that the internet is down in my area...??? So, I drove two blocks to the library. All I will do here is respond right now. However, if anyone else has a good suggestion, feel free to add to suggestions. Something is bound to work! Yes, it annoys me to have to pay to get my pictures that I take onto my blog. Free is free. Don't slap me with a fee. Oh, that rhymes. The resident library fruit fly wants me bad! Aaack! It wants to get into my mouth, and I don't know where his feet have been. I may have to come and sit in front of the library tonight, but I will post, internet at home or not.

  11. Barb, Patty, Toria, and Linda M,
    Picasa is the blogger tool. If you use blogger's tools, you use Picasa. I never knew what Picasa was until I could not use it Yes, I have been using the tool that is a picture next to "link."
    Now, I will investigate flick'r...I don't know how to spell it.


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