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Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Surprising and strange ways to thrive while the planet thrives--Earth Day ideas for year round

Do you really want to do something kind for the Earth? I found this list. Some I will do. Some I won't.

I will:
*Eat less red meat. I mostly eat chicken anyway.
*Live with chickens. (I do.) May I eat eggs instead of bugs?
*Hook my bike to a blender. Okay, I am just willing. I cannot really do this myself.
*Quit mowing your grass. Okay, I am sure the neighbors think I have abandoned this task.
*Buy a scythe. I have something less lethal that cuts weeds and junk using human power.
*Eat out of a dumpster. I excel at this!
*Use a dishwasher. YAY! I excel at this, also.
*Put some vinegar on it. At the rate of two gallons a month, yes, I do.
*Stick a fork in it. I do. And, a fork and spoon.
*Buy some used clothes. Done.
*Hire an assassin. Me?
*Stick peanut butter on it. That does not mean bread.
*Sniff some compost. It smells nice
*Walk around naked. Sure.

I won't:
*Eat a bug. I offered to eat eggs instead of meat.
*Wash hair with salt water. Only if I must.
*Work on a farm. I would be a poor farmhand. But, I can be the chicken lady.
*Buy beer by the keg. I don't drink beer. I tried.
*Eat weeds. Let me learn about them first.
*Open the car windows. NO WAY! Allergy meds are expensive.
*Clean my hands with vodka. I have no vodka and don't keep it around. But, I would.

There are a few more healthy thing things to do by Rodale. Check it out.

Your turn
Would you eat bugs? What are you doing on Earth Day?


  1. I'm pretty sure that I have eaten bugs. I didn't see the little green caterpillars on the brocolli until they were steamed and turned brown. I picked off what I could see but may have missed some. And there were moths in the Weetbix a few weeks ago. I froze the weetbix, knocked of what moths I could see and I am eating the weetbix.
    Earthday will be the same as any other day for me.


  2. You are so brave. Yes, these were stated as year round. It would be difficult for someone like you to be more earth-friendly. I always soak my broccoli in salty water to kill the worms. They will float to the top. My hens got the cereal with moths. I am pretty much a failure at deliberate bug eating.

  3. I ate a chocolate covered ant in grade school. tasted like chocolate! I'd eat bugs before I'd starve, but I'd cook 'em first. and sure hope it never comes to that!

    oooh, almost missed your comment about the salt water making broccoli worms float to the top. will get the chance to try that soon. HATE it when I find a worm in my cooked broccoli!!

  4. Dmarie, I give all fresh vegetables a short time in salt water. Then, rinse in fresh water. You would be surprised what likes to hide in lettuce, broccoli, all vegetables. Now, I don't was squash in salt water!

  5. I wouldn't eat certain bugs.....but I'll try anything at least once. But why not beans instead?
    I rinse all my veggies in a vinegar bath, then in fresh water. Does salt get rid of just bugs or bacteria too? The worst that ever happened was a slug that clung to the lettuce past the vinegar bath- the bugger! Nearly bit into it too!

  6. LindaM,Maybe bugs instead of beans because bugs are places you might be without a bag of beans. Besides, bugs take less time to cook...gag...or you could eat them raw...double gag. Salt will kill bacteria. But, I am not certain which bacteria and what concentration or time it would take. Salt would have finished off the worm! It probably liked the vinegar.

  7. Everyone, the salt is specifically to kill all the bugs in vegetables and fruits. Broccoli, spinach,grapes--all the bugs float to the top. I don't give cabbage, pumpkins or squash a salt bath.

  8. OOPS, salt would finish off the slug...


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