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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Asparagus and bacon and tilapia

Actually, this is two recipes. There are no pictures. I sampled this at the grocery store. It's really simple but time-consuming.

Bacon-wrapped asparagus
fresh asparagus, cut in about 2" lengths
pre-cooked bacon from the grocery
Flat toothpicks

He took pieces of asparagus about two-inches long and wrapped bacon around it and secured with a flat toothpick.
Cook in oil for three minutes or less, serve with tilapia

Tilapia was sprinkled with some sort of Old Maine seasoning that looked like it could be substituted with something else. It was served separately.

I know this all very vague. But, I did not get exact instructions. The reason I mention it at all is because it was delicious. Asparagus is in season, so this might be helpful.

Bacon bought, cooked, and broken into smaller pieces would easily substitute for the expensive pre-cooked kind of bacon. I can see this served as cooked bacon pieces mixed with lightly sauteed asparagus, sort of a salad. More or less bacon could be used. The way the guy was serving the samples, it was all very bacon-rich. Otherwise, it would be a delicious appetizer.

Check out this asparagus recipe at Better me, Better world. It also looks scrumptious.

Your turn
Do you have asparagus in your garden?  I wish I did!


  1. No asparagus in my own garden, but the vegetable stand next door to my house is selling it from their fields just across the road. It's the best of both worlds: I get to eat it, but don't have to take care of it. Those of us who live in our little community get half off. Even better, we can take discards for free. I'll try it with bacon when the spears get bigger. Right now they're the first shoots - pencil thin and delicious.

  2. Jan, with a deal like you have, I don't think I would bother to raise asparagus or anything. The asparagus I had was also pencil thin. I was surprised when I saw how tender the shoots appeared to be, pencil thin. I see free chicken food next door to I wonder how they keep rabbits from the asparagus.

  3. girl, if ever you do plant asparagus, you'll be set for life. the stuff just keeps coming back year after year. We literally can't keep up with it! (even supply my folks). hey, thank you for your tip about putting veggie ends into water. I think I'm growing some romaine lettuce now! can't wait to see what happens...even if I never get a leaf worth eating, it's great fun seeing something green growing up out of what would've gone into the compost bin!

  4. The coming back year after year is the part I like, love. I have to have rabbit protections first. How many plants do you have? Could I grow enough in a 4x4 box I have that I would cover? Even if I just grew chicken food by sticking scraps in water, it would be worth the time. Thanks for both the comments--on asparagus and your water growing vegetables.


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