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Friday, April 22, 2011

Never walk behind a chicken...and, What's your color?

Never walk behind a hen that is scratching in deep mulch, old leaves, dirt, anything smallish. I was walking from the pen to the house and walked behind the three of them, scratching and pecking in the leaves they had made into mulch and kicked through the chain link of their pen. With one scratch the hen filled my sandal with dirt. Large and small pieces were now what I was walking with inside my shoe. That is so uncomfortable. My feet stay dirty all the time!

No blood clots
My left leg has no vein or artery problems, no blood clots,  since both were checked today during a venous Doppler test/procedure. That is relief. I was afraid my hens might die if I croaked during the night, die right in their cage indoors.

Red is my color
Since I needed milk, I went to the grocery and also purchased oj that was on sale. The cashier said I looked great and asked where I was going all dressed up and said I looked so happy. I am shocked and the mind is racing, but I don't say a word. Don't I always look greatDon't I always look happy? I told her it must be my new blouse. (Kmart sale weeks ago since I had nothing to wear.) She then exclaimed I really looked great and said it must be the makeup and lipstick, that my cheeks were rosy and my whole complexion was perfect.  Isn't my complexion always perfect? Is this turning out to be a backhanded compliment? I had to smile then and a huge smile. "I have on no makeup whatsoever, actually less than usual, no lipstick or lip gloss. All this good stuff is because I am wearing red." She then decided red was my color. Yes, red and hot pink.

People are nicer to me, pay more attention. Children smile. Guys smile and flirt. Women smile and speak to me. I just wonder what on earth I look like when I don't wear red or pink. Is it horrendous? Really, when I wear red, I am glad I have my happy color on. Hot pink, too.

Last Thursday, I had on a cute grey knit top with little stripes in the v neck with grey pants, a very nice shade of light gray. I was sitting at a table and had just put my red purse on the table. A woman walked by and stopped. "That red purse really lights up your face. You look great with that red purse near your face." I thought the red purse looked great with me! That was just plain weird. I really don't think she was trying to tell me I needed color near my face. The gray outfit is cute and cool. Maybe I will wear some lipstick with it. The red purse bit the dust and black has taken its place.

Even when I am sad or in pain, people still respond in the same way if I am wearing red or pink. Okay, enough of this. I just refuse to wear makeup to get the same "look" to my skin. I will continue to wear lots of red and hot pink...yessiree.

Fascination with red
When I was a child about seven-years-old, I discovered red clothing. My sister was three years younger than I. My aunt worked for  a woman who two girls just a size larger than we were. Consequently, we received really nice clothing that matched--sister outfits. Up until this point, as far as I know, all my clothing had been homemade.

We received red, hand-me-down dresses. To the best of my recollection the dresses were sort of a taffeta with a lowish neck and a wide collar. I was in heaven. Not on purpose, I somehow was bought another red item that could be worn with the dress. I just became mad to get more red. I wanted red panties, red socks, and red shoes. Yes, I had a fashion sense but not one you might approve

I hounded my mother day and night, day after day. Red was in sight. I just had to get her on board. My poor mother was worried about a child who wanted to dress in scarlet from head to toe, inside and out. The image of a fallen woman was what she worried about. Somehow, I knew that even then. Like her, I extrapolate into the future. Noooo, not for myself, for my

My mother always told me that pale blue was the color that was prettiest on me when I was an infant. Her dark-skinned baby with brown hair and black eyes looked so precious in baby blue. Now that I was intent on dressing in red, she reminded me of how pretty I was in baby blue. . . over and over again. Are you laughing yet? I am as I write this.

Even as a child I knew she was glad when I outgrew the red dress. I don't think I ever had anything red to wear until I was in college. Ooops, I made a red dress in high school and received sooo much praise from others. Even then, she praised only what she wanted me to wear, so I did not buy much red.

Things have changed. Two years ago, the kids in middle school asked why I always wore the same red blouse. Some of the girls realized I did have different red tops. To the boys I just wore the same red top all the time. Middle schoolers are so kind and tactful. NOT! A boutique owner said all I ever wore was pink or red. That is patently untrue. Sometimes I buy white. Sometimes I buy apple green or lemon yellow. But, clearly three-quarters of my tops are red or hot pink.

Your turn
Did you ever walk behind your hens when they were scratching and get a shoe full of trash? Yeah, stepping in the poop is bad

Do you have a color that causes a response when you wear it, a color that seems to improve your health, disposition, and coloring...all according to others? We all know what we think looks good on us. But, do people rave to the point you get embarrassed about your other clothes and the effect they have on how you appear?

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