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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Meal moths
They are back after the cold winter in lesser numbers, but into my arsenal has come a cordless vac. These critters cannot fly well, so they fly erratically, making it hard to swat or clap my hands upon them. Hopefully, the vac will just suck them up. Yeah, good idea, but the vac has a handle on the end, making it unwieldy to handle...gone back to store, unused. Thankfully, almost all my food is now in Tupperware or half-gallon Ball jars. The rubber canning seal protects from an invasion of even the smallest of pests. I just screw the lid on very tightly.

The celery now has 5 stalks. The taller of the two original stalks grew 3/4 of an inch in two days. Indeed, it does taste like celery. I ate a leaf. now, there are now two 5-inch stalks, up from 4-inches when I first wrote about them.

Hen security
Two people donated to their security. Thank you. I still have a long way to go to protect them from predator raccoons.

My health
Knee (L) has tear in meniscus and will need surgery. An open MRI has been scheduled for my shoulder. The doctor also believes it could be a torn rotator cuff.  I cannot go into the hospital for the knee until the chickens have a secure place because I won't be able to get them into my house each night. I had knee surgery on the right knee a few years ago and know exactly what I face.

Egg production
I now regularly get three eggs each day once again. Now that winter is over and the days are long, the hens are all back in business. The hens were two years old around March 21. They are doing well.

Raccoon attack
Did I tell you that one morning I awoke, fuzzy about the dream I may have had? A squirrel had been caught in the live trap. Was it a dream? I went to the trap and there was a squirrel head. Raccoons pull their victims though the bars, ripping them into pieces in the process.  No, I did not mean to leave the squirrel to die. But, its demise just proves that at least one raccoon is still around here, a threat to my hens. Since there are woods nearby, there will always be raccoons....sigh.

My son turned 43 yesterday, April 16, 2011. How did he get so old, so fast? I have vivid memories of him as an infant, a toddler, schoolboy, young man, student. Now, he is married to a very lovely young woman and father to a six-year-old son and four-year-old daughter. He was seven in this picture.


  1. yikes, poor squirrel! very cute kid aka 43 year old son!

  2. Yes, poor squirrel. I did not mean to allow it to become raccoon food. Thanks. My son was the cutest baby, prettiest child I had. Can you believe he now shaves all that beautiful hair? grrrr...but a mother has no say, so I don't say anything about his shaving his head. The girls were cute babies, cute children and grew up to be beauties...well, according to others, also. And, they have birthdays coming up.

  3. My father's birthday is April 16th. He turned 55. I asked if he felt 55. He said no, which we both agreed was a great thing. Then we both agreed it was absolutely nuts that his baby (me) was going to be 27 in a month. Oh, how the years go by!

    Cute photo of your "little" boy!

    Also, may I say that I admire your postponing your own medical treatment until you can work out how to secure your chickens safety. I can tell how much you care about them.

  4. Thanks, I agree with your father. My pain and exhaustion is not age, thankfully.Thanks, I love him so. Yes, two people/friends who read my blog sent money to help, so I will, with the help of friends get them a secure place.


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