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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wrong-headed thinking and reasoning

Read former post to get to here in alternator saga.

Wednesday, I decided I would just get the auto shop to order an alternator since I was afraid to make too many trips to Auto Zone with defective alternator. Then I started thinking. I could get a free alternator from Auto Zone since it has a lifetime warranty. But, I was deciding to buy one. That was not an economically sound decision. The shop allows me to use exbf's credit card numbers, no card needed, since he has gone in several times. Last time, he told them to let me use it whenever I need to have something done to the car. So, I canceled the auto shop alternator to get the free replacement.

I decided tonight, Wednesday, to see if I could use his cc numbers at Auto Zone since that was how the item was purchased--with cc. No deal. The card has to be in the store. So, at 7 pm I called him and asked if he would bring it to the store. He agreed as he sighed heavily. He just got home at 5 pm.

Thursday, I am going to call corporate and ask why I cannot trade faulty for new with same cc numbers. I know the answer will probably be that the old one must be returned before I get the new one. But, no, we have to do it the hard way.

It is still Wednesday, and he has not made the 1.5 hour drive here. I will go down there about 8 pm and wait so he does not have to wait one minute on me. He arrived at 9 pm because he bought a burger and there were two delays, one construction.

In the meantime, I made him a salad minus any meat, just spinach, tomatoes and cheese. I dished out 2 cups of shredded cheese in another container from my five pound bag of shredded cheese. Plus, I gave  him the deli chicken minus the breast. Well, there is some breast in there still. So, if he has not eaten dinner, he will have this to eat at home. I put it all in one of those freezer bags from WM.

This is a bummer in another way. Modern Family is my favorite comedies right now. My neighbor who comes to take out my garbage always comes at a time when I miss all or most of it, especially if the trash is too heavy in the house for me to take it out or we start talking. Tonight, I told neighbor to let it wait until next week. So, now exbf will be here at MF time.

He will think his gas and time and energy will be worth the cost of the alternator. He must be at work at 10 am tomorrow! I have almost enough money in the bank to pay for the alternator, just not quite enough.

He arrived home at 10:30 and must be at work at 10 am on Thursday.

Okay, this is Thursday. I could not sleep because of stress from yesterday, watching tv, staying on computer, and stress of having to be up early. Well, I did not get up as early as I wanted and got to shop at 9, I think.

The alternator was installed. I paid for installation. When I started the car there was a growling noise and extreme vibration of the steering wheel. I almost cried as I got out of the car. The mechanic was by the car before I could drag myself out. He took it back for another 1.5 hours. It was not a loose vacuum hose as he suspected, knocked loose as he worked.

NOOOOO! It was a faulty alternator. So, I called Auto Zone and recounted exbf's ordeal of bringing his cc from 60 miles away just to buy another alternator to install and bring back the old one. The manager assured me I would not need the card. He would not have an alternator until a half hour after the garage closed. So, I had to drive home with car shaking from the bent shaft of alternator.

Now, I must pay for the installation again. The auto shop owner said to get second installation cost from AZ. I am quite sure I will have to call corporate for this one. But, tomorrow, I will be up to it.

In the meantime, I have not driven the car except for AZ and auto shop. That means I have not mailed gifts to two g-daughters.

I have to stay conscious until J comes at 1:30 pm. She left my rake, 40-year-old expensive garden rake, in the rain, did not get two rocks up, put lawnmower under clothesline, and did not cover the lawnmower. And, it rained on the rake and maybe on lawnmower if the tarp came off. Well, she did not anchor the tarp on lawnmower. She has never held a job, so she says, "I forgot." as though that makes it okay. I made a list today.

My children said, "I forgot." However, they learned that if they said that, they should be moving to fix whatever they forgot. They knew it was not a good reason. They also said it in apologetic way, not the breezy way she says, "I forgot."

They learned to follow directions. When, J, the oldest was less than two-years-old, I told him to do four things all at one time. He went and did all four in the order I told him, forgetting nothing. I did it on purpose, wondering if he could remember. I would not have complained or fussed if he forgot something. Now, that is too young to be capable of doing something that involved. Check your Early Child Development books.

I don't want that rake to rust or rot, metal head and hickory handle. People say about my things, "Well, it's so old." or "Why get upset about a whatever that's so old?" or, "You said you got it at a yard sale." Well, that rake should last me as long as I need a rake and beyond. That's why! I don't live a disposable and replaceable life! Even yard sale items are valued here.

Okay, all my rants are done! But, you know I will have more! Do you still love me even when I am grumpy?


  1. Oh my! What a day for you. I thought I'd have the day off today, but something came up and I have to drive 30 miles boohoo, sit in an hour meeting, and then drive back home. It's always something, isn't it? Good news is I just got my electric bill and it was just $94. Whew- it's been hot here and I had company and have been running the air at the pool pump. I'm happy the bill is low and that my air works well- hope I didn't jinx myself. Let us know about the car dilemma and how it resolves.

    1. Nan,
      That's not my idea of a day off. I once had a day off that ended up with a mandatory meeting, then a two hour break. THEN, we had to be back at the office. All the other women went to the mall. I went to the park and learned about disc golf. So, not too bad. My electric bill is twice that and it's hotter where you are. Well, that is whole utility bill that was $150.

  2. "I don't live a disposable and replaceable life." That is a a very powerful statement. Sounds like J should be made to understand that.

    Yes, I love you even when you're grumpy because I've found that you're only grumpy over things that should not have occurred or that would have been easily fixed but were not.

    Maybe it's our age, we're both 70 I think, but I'm finding that many, not all, under 40 do not seem to understand the value of objects. Many just seem to value having lots of objects and have the mentality that anything can be replaced so why take care of it.

    Sending good thoughts your way for a wonderful outcome to your car problems - alternator and ants!

    1. Bellen,
      I try to get the idea across to her in little ways. She made spaghetti with pasta, ground church, and tomato sauce I gave her since she helped me out the other day and they had no meat.

      Today, she still had some spaghetti, so I gave her more tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce and told her to just put it in the sauce to stretch it. That seemed to strike a chord.

      Incompetence, stupidity, or lack of conscience really irk me.

      Yes, I am 70, too. A woman gave me a stylus because I was having trouble typing on my Android. She would not take it back, saying she had lots of them at home. Why would a person have so many stylus? You could tell she lived in poverty.

      I have not been able to sleep for thinking of the day! I saw one tiny ant on the car, a different kind and on the inside of the window. I squashed it.

  3. Boy, what a day you had! All the driving and calling is enough to make you feel like you've been through the wringer. I hope your day today goes much more smoothly. And, yes, I still love you. Everyone has grumpy days and it sure helps to vent.

    1. tana50,
      "Through the wringer" is perfect for what I have been up against! IN THE HEAT, no less.

  4. Yes of course we love you in all your moods.


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