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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fray Check, Man in a Mood

Tuesday, I looked in the car as I went to exbf's car. Not one of the ant bait positions had an ant. Usually, ants are lined up at the edges of the blob of Terro. It appears that today, Wednesday, , these ants are not interested. I'm puzzled. Maybe these ants don't eat sweets. Maybe I need a protein-based poison. If I remember correctly, ants are sweet or protein eaters. Maybe some eat both.
This week, I felt so horrible that I bought nothing at the grocery store except milk and bananas. I had meat in the freezer, greens and tomatoes, eggs, apples, and a cucumber. Exbf got the cucumber that I cannot stand.

He drove me around because of the ants in my car, I did buy Fray Check. I use this on tiny picks that leave tiny holes, especially in knits. I either mend first and add a drop of FC or use the FC first if I am going to wear it right now or am going to wash the garment before mending. My favorite sweatshirt, one I made 30 years ago, has a tiny hole in the chest area, so I can mend it without the mend showing and use FC to assure it holds and does not make a run. FC makes any mend stronger in my opinion.

If the tips of a man's dress shirt ever start to fray, use FC on the very tip. Let it dry. Use a pair of scissors to carefully cut off the tiny threads. Use FC on the tip again. If it is a dark shirt and the stiff piece of plastic is showing, use an indelible marker on the light tip, use FC and clip the fuzzy threads. I have salvaged many a shirt this way. I buy it in the WM fabric section. Test it in an inconspicuous place first!

I used it on exbf's khakis and it shows. Aack. It shows! I won't tell him until he eats dinner here next week! This is the first fabric that ever showed the FC. At least these are not important clothes and it was only on the frayed bottom edge of the pants. Now, I need to hem one pocket, the right one where he pulls his keys out and shoves them in.

Always give a man bad news or ask for anything after he eats dinner. Lunch will do, I suppose. At any rate make it a scrumptious meal, one that is apt to be sleep-inducing or his absolute favorite. Okay, any dinner will do! My mother would always say when we wanted something, a favor from Daddy he might refuse, "Wait until he eats dinner."  I suppose her point was to let him settle down and not hit him with requests as he entered the house.

Sometimes it was bad news, like the time we tied a rope to the hood ornament to his car and tied the other end of the rope to a tree. He left the hood ornament behind as he zoomed backyards as he left the yard. Later, after dinner He just chuckled instead of yelling. We were all very little children and the car was our horse.

My friend's mother ripped the door off their car as he opened the door and she backed up simultaneously. He was about six. They dragged the car into the house and hid it behind the sofa. After he ate dinner, they confessed. He was not happy at all, but did not hit the ceiling. John and his mother did not think he would be as okay with it as he was, If I had managed to rip the door off my car, I don't think hiding it behind the sofa would have been my first thought.

Now, I need to go water my tomato plants and the flower I received. Well, now it is afternoon, not evening.

Your turn
Have you ever used Fray Check? Do you ever wait until after dinner to hit a guy with something so he will take it better?


  1. I h ave never heard of fray check or anything like it. I don't know if we have it here at all.

    My husband often seems to be extra angry after dinner so we wouldn't be able to rely on that tactic, we just wait for a good mood which could be a long time coming and if we can't wait for a good mood we say what has to be said and then duck

  2. Kylie,
    Google Fray Check and look at the description and uses. Then, go to a good fabric store and tell them what you need if for. It may be manufactured for your area under a different name. Of course, if you don't sew much, you may just not be familiar with it.

    Well, don't approach him after dinner! Ducking is always a good

  3. I love Fray Check and I hate mending little holes. Couldn't find it at Walmart but bought it on Amazon.

    Best time for me to ask/tell hubby anything out of the ordinary is just after he gets up. He's not quite fully awake so often just agrees or accepts. Then later he'll say he doesn't remember but I remind him and he goes along with it. That's worked for the almost 50 years we've been married!

  4. Bellen,
    I'm surprised about the Fray check. I love mending little holes because they will become large holes if I don't mend them when they are tiny.

    I think it is funny you ask/tell him things when he is barely conscious. If exbf is watching tv and ready to nap, he swears I do not say what I say that I say. He told me Tuesday that I should never ask/tell him things when I am behind him. ??? No, I won't be hobbling from the kitchen and working my way to the front of him to ask/tell him anything! He says he cannot hear me, but when he asks what I said three times, and I repeat myself, he should be able to remember. There is no arguing with 50 year success. Thanks. Loved that.

  5. Yes I have waited until I thought the time was better to talk about something.


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