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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Free Lunch Tuesday and Other Free Things

Today, I went with exbf to the free lunch where they have a program. Exbf got out of his vehicle at the front door, and I parked the car. I still beat him to the door since he has such trouble walking with two canes.

There is a sign-in table where I signed both our names. On the way to our seat was a six foot table with tomato plants in three-packs. They completely covered the table. We were directed to take a pack. A guy specifically told exbf to get him a pack, too, so I did.  Now, I have six of the leggiest plants I could find. I like to plant them deep in a five-gallon bucket.

First, there was a Mothers Day devotional. Then, the oldest mother (85) was given a plant. The mother with the most children (7) got another plant. Finally, the mother whose children were farthest away received the third plant. That would be me with children in Mission, TX and NYC.

The horticultural expert from the County Extension office was present for questions from the audience about any plants or flowers.  He suggested poison for the wisteria that is trying to kill me.

My six tomato plants are Marglobe. Although I have never heard of this variety, I may have eaten them or bought the tomatoes from the farmer's market. The plant I won in the Mother's Day game is Aloha Kona Calibrachoa. It has pretty pink and yellow flowers. Tomorrow, I will pot these.

For lunch we had a salad--lots of greens, mostly spinach; four pieces of chicken breast on top, mushrooms; tomatoes; broccoli; and a homemade yeast roll. Add-ons were on a table outside the serving area--shredded cheese, packages of dressing; expensive crackers in packages. Dessert was a fruit bowl: red grapes, honey dew melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, fresh pineapple. It was delicious. The only problem was half my bowl seemed to be the melons, both of which I do not like. I was sort of hoping I was allergic to them. Well, I just cannot stand them. Exbf had mostly strawberries, so he gave me his strawberries and I gave him red grapes and the two melons. We both ate down to what we were trading and switched bowls.

When we go in, there is an ice machine, glasses or Styrofoam for the drinks. The commercial tea machine has sweetened and unsweetened. Of course, we both like unsweetened. There is water and a commercial coffee pot and whatever people use for coffee. People can get this to drink during the program instead of waiting until lunch is served. All this is on a permanent bar/counter.

I asked if there was a wheel chair and someone to push it. Consequently, exbf had an easy ride to the car. I was grateful as was he.

Next month, there will be a one-day VBS for adults, just a few extra hours Even crafts!  He said he would go to that one, too, that it sounded like fun.  I wonder if we will sing "This Little Light of Mine."

Of course, I could not sleep last night and got two hours of sleep. I immediately went to sleep when we got home while he sat and watched Jeopardy. I mended a few of his pants and lay down again and went back to sleep. I packed up his frozen soup from last week and frozen taco casserole, plus his casserole for dinner tonight. He thought he was waiting for me to bring him his dinner, and I thought he wanted to just take it home. Aack! I did not volunteer to heat up his bowl of dinner, so he went on his way.

Someone gave me a cucumber, so he got it. Plus, I bought a $1 quart box of grape tomatoes that he took home. We were going to have a salad with the taco casserole I made, but with all the salad for lunch, I just sent tomatoes home with him.

I started writing this post and intend to get another nap as soon as he calls and says he got home safely. Today was another successful and enjoyable day. I could have gone to a meeting tonight where food is served for eating during the meeting, but I stayed home.

Another nap is in order, right now!

Your turn
Have you ever eaten Globe tomatoes? Or, can you tell me anything about them? Do you grow or know anything about the Aloha plant?


  1. I am glad you had a good time. Your exbf and you seem to have a good relationship enjoying time together and helping each other with food, chores and etc. Please do not think that I am nosy but, I sometimes wonder why you guys do not share one of the homes, rent the other and share the rental income. This would not only cut down the commuting between your homes, reducing the chores but also will generate some extra bucks. But again, everybody is different, please do not get me wrong.

    1. T'Pol,
      He would probably move if I moved in his house. He has never been married or been in any long-term relationship. So, he does not know how to negotiate other than getting angry. However, he is a very nice person. Besides, he works over an hour away from my house.

  2. I know nothing about tomatoes except I love the look of the multicolour packs I sometimes see.
    We have some cherry tomatoes growing in the front yard, they came up out of the compost and they do quite well but with winter coming they will end soon

    1. kylie,
      I love cherry tomatoes. Food from compost is great.

  3. I think they are more like a Roma tomatoes.

    1. Hmmm, in what way? I am not seeing it, but maybe if you explain it?


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