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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Not much resolution

Last night, I lay down with clothes on to rest and awoke this morning at 4:30, still in clothes I wore yesterday. I decided to rest another minute before I changed to nightgown. Well, that never happened.

One wash got onto the clothesline somehow. Dominique loved the rest of the dinner from yesterday. I had gathered enough from our table for two days of abundance for her.

I went on an ant hunt in the floor of the passenger side of the car. NOT ONE ANT! Still, I don't trust they are gone. The floor has been very wet, and I could not figure out why. Today, I found the culprit. It was not a coke can, not a glass or bottle of water spilled. It seems to be the contents of a spray bottle of Armor All. I suppose a passenger stomped it open. That irks me.

Do ants like Armor ALL? I will test out this theory/question.

I was just going to get the shop to order an alternator instead of having to deal with Auto Zone and hoping the car would go there, to the shop, and not stop along a highway. So, I told the shop to order an alternator. Then, it came to me after a nap. That is stupid since the Auto Zone alternator has a lifetime warranty. It will save me $180 to manage to get one from Auto Zone and get it to the shop. I am going to have a friend follow me to AZ and then to shop to assure I am not stranded along the road.

Dominique gave me an egg today. One day this week when I did not report an egg, I put the egg in my pocket as usual and lay down. Unlike other days I have an egg in my pocket and lie down, I lay on my left side where the egg was. Unbelievably, it did not break. So, for those who say one must give oyster shells to hens to get hard eggs, I am hear to say once again, "No, you don't."

So, there!

No car and not happy!

Accidentally posted. But, I was not finished.

Janet suggested ants could have ruined the alternator. I will ask tomorrow. tana50 suggested opening all the doors and using a flame thrower--best idea yet. Thanks to both of you. Tana you have same fantasies I


  1. Hope you make it there and to the shop easily and get it installed very quickly

    1. Anne,
      Thanks. I have a ploy to hurry the work along. If a car is left at 7 am, which they require sometimes, they will not pull it into a bay until 2:30. When I call, they say they think they can get it done today. This is on jobs that are charge at 1 hr. If a place has a nice waiting area--tv, clean bathroom, and comfortable seats--I say I will just wait. And, I can see into the garage, so I know when my car is brought into the bay. It works! I am not trying to rush them, but it seems that they do get my car out faster. I will go with a canvass bag with food, fruit, milk, water. I tell them I have enough food for breakfast and lunch.


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