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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rushing For Nought

I awoke just an hour and a half before I had an appointment for a MRI. Thankfully, they called me the day before, telling me the doctor had scheduled it. I was there about two minutes before my appointment. However, they were puzzled as they said I had no appointment. They checked my name and asked who was the doctor.

Supposing this was my mistake, I sat down and found the number I thought had called me yesterday. Yes, I was right about my being wrong. I had to tell the woman 40 miles from here at the other MRI that I was at the wrong MRI facility. Rats!

Since I was up, dressed, and out of the house, I decided to do things I needed to do: bought blouse, went to Harbor Freight for my free item and one for exbf, went to WM, bought a kitchen waste basket from Dollar General.

There was a list I left at home for things to price-match at WM. So, it seems I just wandered around and came home with just a pack of seeds. I could not remember one item on my list.

It was pouring rain all day! Finally, when I came home, the rain stopped. Despite my best efforts with my umbrella, the wind and rain kept my hair damp and flat.

The new blouse seems a bit too tight. The size larger swallowed me.  It seems there should be two sizes in between. Seriously, there is such a difference.

Now, it is time for a salad.

Your turn
Have you ever rushed and showed up at the wrong doctor's office at the right time?


  1. No I rarely rush because I don't like to be late. In fact, I'm the opposite and usually 30 minutes early! I just always have a book with me. We finally got rain last night yay! We have been so dry. I've been procrastinating and really need to get busy today- clean, buy groceries and finish my progress notes. It's going to be a busy but fun weekend. PS Did you reschedule the MRI? I have never had any tests but an EKG and stress test on the treadmill once and a few ultrasounds when pregnant with #3.

    1. NAN,
      I like to get places early, too. But, I had to eat, bathe, dress, and drive there. I will reschedule the MRI tomorrow. I wanted to hear when exbf will be here so I can schedule it where he can take me if he is here that day or I can schedule it for another day. If it is at 8:30 am or late in the day, he will arrive when I am not here or have to go home without dinner and I will not be here. Until I was 60, I had few tests! Oh, all we have had is rain and are due for more for a few days.

  2. As a doc, I see this regularly.

    1. Ur-spo,
      I guess you do. This was a first for me. I thought I was getting sick, and sure enough, now I am and taking antibiotics.

  3. I went to the wrong funeral home to view my Grandpa!

    They quickly corrected me and I went to the right place, not far away

    1. kylie,
      About thirty-years ago, I was going out in the country to a church for a funeral. I rushed up the church steps and found a wedding in progress. The people at the back of the church noticed my shock and helped me get back on the right way where I was relieved to find the funeral service was about to start.


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