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Friday, May 19, 2017

Almost End of Alternator Saga and Free Lunch

Well, after a two hour nap last evening, I was too stressed to sleep last night. I slept about three hours and called at 10 am to see if alternator was at the auto shop. I rushed right down. It was installed in 1.5 hours. The owner said something about the steering wheel still vibrating. No, it does not. It is an old car and not as tight as it was. However, I am happy with it running now.

I was charged ~$76 for installation and ~$40 for second installation. I asked why..."because we did not do a diagnostic the first time." I told them when I went there that AZ tested it and said it was not working right. ???  As I paid for the second removal and installation, I was grumbling about getting back some of the money for the installation the second time. Guy told me they would probably reimburse me at AZ.

AZ employee wanted to keep the second bill and receipt from the auto shop so the manager could talk to district manager. I refused to leave the receipts, saying I would call district manager myself. Why do I do this to myself?

Oh, did I mention the whine that I recognize as an alternator failing? About 25 years ago, I kept taking a car to the shop and the whine would not happen when there or when the shop guy drove it. The failure was catastrophic when alternator seized up, breaking the serpentine belt and ruining two other components--water pump and ac, I believe. Plus, I was on an interstate under construction and there was no shoulder, only a straight drop of over one foot. I had to muscle the car off at the next exit and cruise through a stop sign and struggle while I got it into a service station.

After I left, I decided to come home and make sure I had receipt in hand instead of searching in the torrid climate of the car or having to search in the store. The ac in the house revived me and I went to the AZ.

As I passed our building for Farmer's Market, people were eating and standing in line for something being cooked. It turns out this was an appreciation day for citizens of Cullman by the Police Dept and a local dentist. I took a detour and ate free lunch--hotdogs/hamburgers with fixings, water, Pepsi products, tiny chip packages, and chocolate chip cookies in tiny bags. SCORE! Another free meal. After this was when I went to AZ.

I had to make another stop to discuss another car repair. It was hotter than Hades, sitting and talking to the guy.

When I went into Walmart, I swore I would not leave until my hair dried out. I just washed it last night, but it was soaked with sweat. You know how the hair at nape of neck and in back of head gets so wet? I was a mess. However, I was dry when I left, only to sweat all over again and arrive home with a wet head again.

Last night, I made a meatloaf for exbf out of ground beef and dry oats. So, he has four frozen meats. Instead of using catsup in the mixture, I used tomato sauce to avoid all the sugar. I did put two fast food catsups on top. Since I have jars of dehydrated onion and dehydrated bell pepper, the meat loaf was easily assembled. Of course, Dominique donated an egg.

J did not come again today. sigh  I lost gifts for grand daughters! Aaaayyyy! <<
Dominique gave me an egg today. 

Monday, I need to recover second removal and installation from AZ.

I hear there is snow in Colorado. Are you experiencing snow or humid and high temperatures? Anyone with a dry heat, congratulations!


  1. Glad you got your alternator installed and it wasn't the ants.

    We had to replace the blower on our truck this week. It died of old age.

    1. Janet,
      Thanks. Me too. This car is a 2000 model. I refuse to let it completely die!

  2. AZ should have been able to make a copy of the receipt to show to the district manager. I'm with you, I never give the original receipt to anyone.

    Hubby was stationed in Albuquerque, in the 70s, and said dry heat isn't really accurate as the temp is usually much higher - 105 in the shade is hot whether it's dry or not.

    Don't you get chills going from sweaty wet head to AC buildings? I do but I wear a baseball cap, for sun protection, which absorbs some of the sweat. I'm sure I'm wrong but I worry about getting sick going from super hot & sweaty to cold numerous times.

    Hope both your car and ant problems are over. Have a great, restful weekend.

  3. Bellen,
    We had ten days of over 100 degree heat in about 1987. The humidity was about 10%. I was so comfortable since I have a great sweating system. Only a few people here were not complaining. I was one of those.

    No, I love getting into the ac when sweaty. I never wear a baseball hat, but a hat has a hatband and makes me hotter. Going from heat to cold or cold to heat makes me sneeze because I am allergic to the temp changes.

    Now, I need to get the ac fixed. That happens on Wed if I live that

    Ant problem is still a question.

  4. we are getting near the 100s now
    Brava for you to avoid hidden sources of sugar !
    your meatloaf sounds very good to me.


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