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Thursday, May 12, 2016

What is in my sandal?

Around the middle of April, I learned lots about bumble bees--they do sting.

I was walking up to the side door, not lifting my feet as is my custom now. Since I scoop up pieces of pecan, sticks, and dirt, I just kept walking when something in my sandal hurt the bottom of my toe. I wanted to get to the porch step railing so I could kick off my sandal and free a pointy stick. Otherwise, I might have stumbled around and fallen. Really, I did not want to chance stepping on grass since I am allergic to that, too.

Only, the pointy stick just kept poking me. Finally, I made a lunge for the railing and kicked off my sandal. Wondering what kind of pointy stick hurt me, I searched the step. Then, I saw something black and moving, something round. I stomped it because it appeared to be escaping.

The bumble bee had stung me twice on the bottom of the toe next to my little toe.  Since I had nothing on hand, I hurried down to WM. There was no meat tenderizer, benadryl or tobacco here. The pharmacist suggested buying Benadryl. He told me to take one now and another after I was home. The first one taken right then made me woozy. So, I decided to forego the second one. A few hours later, I looked down at my toe that by now was blazing red and three times larger than normal. I did take another Benadryl at that point.

Bumble bees come by the hundreds just before the wisteria blooms. For at least the last 35 years I have fearlessly walked through them and brushed them out of my hair. They just bump me and keep going. Then, I got one trapped in my sandal! The sting hurt so much, especially on a toe bottom.

This is the first time in my life that I have been stung by something inside my sandal or shoe.  When I was four-years-old and my sister was one-year-old, my sister kept wailing and tried to climb into my mother's lap as she sat in a chair in the yard. My mother kept telling her "No" and thwarting her efforts to get into her lap. My mother was doing something, maybe shelling peas. Finally, I told Mama that my sister's foot was hurting. It seemed she was raising her foot for Mama to help and holding onto Mama's clothes to balance.

Immediately, Mama saw the motions I saw, snatched her up as I told her to look in her shoe. A giant ant over 1/2 long, sort of orange was stinging my sister!

Next time, I kick the sandal/shoe off without any support nearby. I take my chance with grass! Yes, I learned to fear! The bumble bees are gone for this year, thankfully.

Your turn
Have you had a stinging insect get inside your shoe and sting you? Or, maybe in your clothing.


  1. I used to cater for production crews. Once they were filming outside and they set the catering tables on a lovely grassy spot. It was fall but I was wearing a cotton skirt since we all know how hot fall can be in Alabama and I knew I would be serving outdoors. Turn out they set up the tables right above a yellow jacket nest and they did not appreciate me disturbing them. They flew up my skirt and I got stung about a dozen times from the knees and up. A grip noticed what was going on and came to my rescue helping me get the yellow jackets out of my skirt. Fortunately the crew had a first aid kit so I got Benadryl immediately, and the crew also moved the tables so I could get back to my job. I still cringe when I think of that day.

  2. Anne,
    How horrible! Stinging insects are the main reason I don't wear skirts around my yard. I can imagine you did not care who helped you get the yellow jackets from under your skirt. Now, I will make sure Benadryl is in my purse and car! Thanks. Your experience can serve to a warning to others. Thanks for sharing that story.

  3. No I did not care, but I am glad I follow my mama's advice and never wear shoddy underwear when I leave the house

  4. Daddy kept bees. ....Oh goodness do I ever have experience with being stung. EVERYWHERE!

    In the past 6 years I have become extremely allergic to something. It hasn't yet been pinned down exactly what triggers it but it happens way too often. (3 or 4 times a week) So far I have only been hospitalized once but you may rest assured that I have Benadryl stashed everywhere! (bed side, in all cars, in the camper, in my purse, at my daughters, in my eBay office area, in my storage area etc) Many days I wake covered in a rash and have to take my little pink pill before I even get out of bed. I hope you haven't continued to have pain from your sting.

    1. I can imagine you do have experience with being stung. When I was young, 4 to 24, I broke out in hives so often. Even now, I have problems. I, too, keep allergy med stashed all over the place.

      Are you waking covered in hives or a rash? Since I am allergic to beef, I wonder if that was the culprit. The bumble bee sting hurt for about a week. It made my little toe that I once broke start aching.


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