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Sunday, May 29, 2016

No-See-Um Pants and Jacket

Let me just say right off the bat that I don't believe in no-see-ums. I had a friend who just went nuts in my yard fighting off this invisible foe. They never bothered me at all.

Mosquitoes will attack me, so I just never wear shorts or sandals in the yard. I have even put on a sweatshirt in the summer to avoid mosquitoes or repellant. Exbf won't use repellant ever, just complains bitterly and claws at his arms later.

Well, here is the solution, I think. When I was looking over a sale rack when I saw a box with "No-See-Um Pants and Jacket." The size was S/M. He could wear this. I just wish there were a larger size on the shelf. Maybe WM will be getting in a new product in a different box from the same company. The $15 package was marked to $4.

The pants and jacket are black mesh that purports to not allow no-see-ums to go through the fabric. The "jacket" is a pullover with elastic at bottom of shirt and sleeves. The elastic can be tightened for a snug fit. The pants have the same adjustable fit at waist and leg bottoms.

The best part is that the hood on the jacket can be pulled over the face and zipped across the neck, completely covering the face. Wearing a cap of some sort underneath would keep the net off the face.

Repellant can be applied to the whole suit if necessary. I would do that before donning it. The combined weight of top and bottom is less that 6 ounces.

The website for this product is: Then, click on Protective Gear, then Mosquito protection.
Since I cannot post a picture, maybe you can get the idea.

Today, I went to the hunting section of the store and found a head covering in the same brand.

He swears he will not wear the top as it will be too difficult to get on. ??? He won't need the pants in my yard. Well, next time he goes out to help me in the yard, he will wear the shirt/jacket. He just doesn't know it yet.

Your turn
Have you ever seen this product? Worn it? Do no-see-ums bite you? Do you think they really don't exist as I do?


  1. I am a believer! They eat me alive along with mosquitos, but form totally different whelps.
    Never have seen the mesh jacket and pants though.

    1. Anne,
      Mosquitoes bite me in my yard in full sun during the day. I have never had a run-in with a no-see-um. I am going to get this outfit in my size.


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