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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cataracts and Nail Polish

Today was exhausting. The only thing I did was to go to the doctor for an exam required by the doctor will remove the cataract. At the end of the stressful exam, I realized he was testing me for new glasses. I told the woman why I needed to see him when I made the appointment.

At any rate, I had been fasting for a blood test, but became so weak, I skipped the blood test until Friday.

Since I had a coupon for a free Zaxby snack, I cashed it in for a full meal.  The coupon said it was a snack meal. I just read "snack."  There were three chicken fingers, a piece of buttered toast, way too many fries, and a very generous Coke. When I eat my second dinner of green stuff, I will have negated all the fat. Right?

Good News? Both eyes are 20/20, even the one with the cataract. I could read the tiniest print on the last line.  I don't understand why. The doctor is not correcting my vision at all, just replacing.

Question? So, why do I need glasses to read? I have never had correction for distance. When I am driving and take off my glasses and put them on the dash, my passenger/s will become distressed and ask, then demand I put them back on. I explain I can see all traffic. However, I have no idea which gear the car is in or how fast I am going.

I was almost 50 before I needed glasses to read. No matter what I do, the astigmatism cannot be corrected except with glasses....sigh.

Tonight, I used nail polish to mark certain keys on my computer--backspace, enter, @ key, both shift keys, up and down arrows, space bar, right and left on mouse. My keyboard is black, and I don't have enough light! Even though I am a competent touch typist and fast enough, in the dark and lying down, I needed to mark certain keys so I would not have to search for these keys I never memorized in high school. After the nail polish dried for about an hour, I shut the laptop, opened it, and was relieved the polish did not stick to the screen.

I want a laptop with a light keyboard, but those are more expensive! No, that is not on my wish list until this new laptop dies.

Finally, I gave away the eggplant before it died. I wish some of my readers lived close enough to pass along these items.

Your turn
What has been your experience with cataract removal? I know I can see better, but did not expect a return to perfect vision.

Does your laptop have a black keyboard? Is it hard to see what key you need if you need to search for a key?


  1. Cataract removal made an ENORMOUS difference for my mother. I hope it does for you too.
    And astigmatism is no fun. And seems to be difficult to correct.

    1. EC,
      I had the first one removed two years ago. But my glasses were never changed. So, this has been a real trial lately. I look forward to the removal of the second one.

      Astigmatism may be the only reason I need to wear glasses from now on. However, I think I may still need them for reading, the reason I needed them in the first place. Two of my friends said their vision improved as the became older. That is puzzling.

  2. I have astimatism in both eyes. It stinks

  3. I have astimatism in both eyes. It stinks


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