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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Flirt

While I was still in the main part of town, I noticed a driver ahead of me waving at me. Since I was not sure who it was, I did not wave back. My route was the same as his, turning off onto another highway. I suppose he thought I was following him. Whatever.

Several miles along the new highway we turned onto, I became annoyed he was driving about 55 in the left lane. So, I sped up and passed him. I settle down at 6o mph. He then decided he would speed up and get ahead of me in the left lane again and slow down..

Thinking he was just a man who could not stand to be passed by a woman, I settled in and followed him. sigh

At exactly the road I was going to turn onto, he turned there. I turned and passed him and he stopped beside the road. Where we were turning was once a business, so there was the wasteland of a parking lot--lots of room. I had not even looked at him as I passed him and as I pulled off the road.

I decided to circle around him so our cars were going in opposite directions. He might be a friend I was snubbing. My car was nearest the road and about 20 feet to his side. I was safe!

As I rolled the window down and stopped, he flashed an "amazing" smile and said familiarly, "Where ya going?" I mumbled something and said in a haughty tone, "Do I KNOW you?" "No."

As I pulled away, I gave him a wave of the hand as if to say, "Go away." Continuing on my way, I wondered how often he pulled that.

His "amazing" smile was full of rotten teeth with huge gaps in between. Teeth were missing. His three day growth of beard beneath a head of dirty hair led me to believe he had not bathed lately. Yuck!That meeting was the low point of this I am always amazed that people are unaware of the image others see.

What was he thinking"--if he asked often enough he would get lucky?

Your turn
Have you had an inappropriate man flirt with you, make a pass? Did you feel as unclean, creeped out, as I did?


  1. Replies
    1. EC,
      His hoping will change Eeuw is right.

  2. If you knew that you were going to be away for a spelling bee why wouldn't you post that? I wondered about your well being.

  3. Sous Gal,
    What do you mean? This guy knows nothing of my plans to be gone.

  4. I don't mean about the guy, I mean your blog and not posting for a long time with no information to your readers about why you weren't posting. There were comments of 'where are you? Are you okay?' and no response or blog update. Some of us were worried.


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