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Monday, May 23, 2016

Friends with Gardens

Thank you, generous people. Since I have nothing growing, I loved these offerings.

green beans--1 quart after they were snapped.
okra--two cups after slicing.
new potatoes--12 very small
corn--2 fat, full, short ears
cucumber--2 small
patty pan squash--2
bell pepper--1 huge
eggplant- 1 small

The green beans cooked in my small, $3 yard sale crockpot. I just came home and threw in the potatoes.Since I hate okra, I will bread and fry this for exbf when he comes here. You should see how happy he is when eating fried okra. Cucumbers are his for a salad here. He can take the other home. Eggplant will be passed along since neither of us can abide it.

Dominique got the scraps of corn, bean ends and okra ends. She will love the corn cobs, too.

I received other things:
bananas--4 green

Since I have fresh eggs, my friend who takes out the trash can have those.

I had bought and cooked frozen broccoli. bought a few cherries and bananas, so the refrigerator and kitchen is stuffed. All the produce makes me happy!

I forgot--tonight, I bought two tiny squash to slice into  salads.

Right now, I am off for new potatoes and green beans.

Amazingly, the farmer's markets are full of produce. It just seems too soon!

Your turn
Do you ever get gifts of produce? Maybe you give things away?


  1. Very Nice!
    I don't get many produce gifts since no one living around me has gardening land. If my fruit trees that I planted 4 years ago ever bear I will be more than happy to share. So far no luck though.

  2. Anne,
    I am so close to country that lots of people have large gardens, if not farms. However, this may be the last of the gifts. I do hope your trees bear fruit soon.

  3. It is still too early for lovely veg. But I can't wait til it is.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I am glad I live where there can be three successive crops in a year!


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