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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

They Were Cheap!

Last week, I approached the electric carts in Walmart and noticed a commotion inside the store. As I got settled, it became clear that something desirable was on sale.

People were snatching up bins like Rubbermaid, but a different brand. People took them a half-dozen at a time, sometimes just one. Finally, I saw the price--$2.00.

When I finally rolled up, there were four bins and lids left. A guy saw me struggling and put them into the electric cart.

As I left the display, an employee pulled the huge trolley type cart away. I asked her how long it took to sell the bins. She shook her head and said "about a minute. I have never seen anything go so fast. I just walked away and looked back and they were ALL gone."

Lucky me!

Your turn
Have you come upon a good bargain that was going so quickly?


  1. Not me! When they see me coming they hide all the bargains!

    1. Anne,
      LOL. Then sneak up on them.

  2. What are you going to put in them?

    1. carol,
      These don't have the lock on each end. Since I have lots of sorting to do, I am sort of undecided. Maybe I will put sewing stuff in one...material, thread. Since they are clear, any fabric will fade, so maybe not. I really hate clear containers, but these were too cheap to pass up.

  3. What are you going to put in them?


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