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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Clothes I Won't Wear and Other Stuff

There are some really cute and still stylish clothes stored here that I will never wear again. If I ever lose enough weight, there are other clothes in the world, clothes to be bought or clothing I can make. So, they will be sorted, maybe tomorrow, and taken to a clothes closet on Tuesday.

Some pants I will still wear have gotten a tiny hole. My toe ripped it larger. Then, I shoved a foot through the toe-sized hole. The next time I wore the pants, I manage to rip the hole to the hem. I don't mind wearing these in the house or in the back yard. Finally, though, they are getting a little obscene to wear. I have cut them up for rags.

Sadly, I am throwing away my favorite pair of socks I have had for 20 years. They feel soooo good. There is no more heel and the rest of the sock is slowly disappearing. Actually, these went into cleaning/dustrag bag.

I have unearthed clothing bought for grandchildren's gifts, clothing that disappeared by gift-giving time. Thankfully, I had the receipts and received money back. One week, I got $40 back from clothing and various other things I bought for the house. Of course, one week I received less than $2 back. What was I thinking?

Maybe I  mentioned this before, but I gave away three plastic Adirondack chairs I bought at a yard sale. Neither exbf nor I could get out of them. They were faded apple green and turquoise. My friend who received them spray-painted them a dark gray--so classy. Okay, they are as classy as plastic Adirondack chairs can be. They are out of my yard. Exbf did not mind moving things for me. Other mowers do! Besides, why keep something I cannot use.

For many years I wore earrings every day. Then, I quit. Now, I wear them all the time, again. I found the box of earrings and went through them. Surprisingly, about half of them are still ones I will wear. What to do with the rest? Some are lone earrings, some just out of style. I have several ideas, just need to get on this and get them out of the way.  At least they are sorted.

There is a whole bookcase of books to be purged, still. Remember how I got rid of 800 books one summer to leave me with a total of 1000 books still here?  These books on one bookcase that was out of the way seem not to have been sorted. Maybe they were sorted and I just don't want even more of them.

With stuff gone and stuff going, it feels good!

Your turn
What are you getting rid of?


  1. My husband and I have instituted a 3-yr plan. Then we will be 72 & 75 and will have to make a decision on whether to stay in our home or move to a condo/apt where we will not have to take care of so much, especially the yard. So....
    by our birthdays in 2017 we will have reduced our possession by 25%, in 2018 the remaining possessions by another 25%.

    What we've done: given each of our 3 sons some things they have wanted, donated (to a couple of organizations we like what they support) books we no longer use, a silverplate tea service I never polish or use, a china tea service with those little cups as I only use mugs, some clothes that don't fit or we don't like, canning jars, misc knickknacks that I don't want to dust, and about 125 patriotic tac pins to the local Veterans home (leftover from a flea market business). We've also sold some hand tools, power tools, a couple pieces of furniture, some queen sized linens as we have a king bed.

    I'm cutting back on the gardening - I do it in containers as FL sand is not conducive to growing - from 25 containers to 18. And I'm donating those extra containers to an organization that gives them to senior housing units.

    And, if we buy anything, something has to leave the house - a new shirt, an old one goes or a new tool, an old one goes.

    Does it feel good? You bet! My guest room closet is almost completely empty, just the way I want it.

    Also, I don't want to leave a house full of stuff for my son to have to go thru when we leave this world. We've done it for my in-laws, my sister did it for our dad and it's not any fun.

    1. Wow. you really have a specific plan for your goal. I am sure your children like getting things they want now instead of waiting so many years. Besides, you can see that the people who will appreciate your things get them, knowing they want the items. I love your response and plan. Thanks for the comment.

      ps--I must have been a servant in a past life because I love to polish silver.

  2. I have been going thru room by room. My husband and i went thru our DVDs and CDs. I have been working on the clothes in the back bedroom. I have a box to send to a friend in Washington. I have another box for the thrift store.

  3. I have been going thru room by room. My husband and i went thru our DVDs and CDs. I have been working on the clothes in the back bedroom. I have a box to send to a friend in Washington. I have another box for the thrift store.

    1. Michelle,
      It's good he is helping. I have some things sorted but cannot get it out of the house because of my back. So, it sits in my way and is an eyesore. It sounds like you are making lots of progress.

      I have people who want this stuff but will not come get it, but I may call a charity that will pick up stuff!

  4. I would really like to get rid of a lot of things. Himself wants to get rid of nothing. And if I move my things out, he moves more things in to replace them.

    1. are we married to secret brothers, EC?

    2. Somehow, I cannot reply to anyone right now. Sooo....

      EC, that would sort of be useless to take your stuff out if he puts more in.

      kylie, funny!

      EC, yes, sigh.

  5. I am learning the wisdom to get rid of as much as possible, especially clothes that will never be worn. There is a Japanese word for this which (alas) I can't remember at the moment.

    1. Ur-spo,
      That Japanese woman is a little over the top for my taste. But, I do need to get rid of stuff.


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