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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Allergies, Sweet Potatoes, and Rhubarb

Today, I went to a church lunch. Right now, I would kill for spaghetti. Because there was beef in the spaghetti, I just had a plate of salad, two slices of bread and cake and pie.

The upside was I collected scraps for Dominique. She was one happy girl when I brought it to her.

Today, Tuesday, I had an allergist appointment. I must for one month NOT eat bread, eggs, meat, dairy products and something else. He said I may be allergic to all meat from mammals!
there is a blood test for that. I will probably lose 50 pounds in that month! How can I live without cheese? Giving up beef improved my health, so maybe this will be good for me.

It is almost midnight, but I am going to open a jar of spaghetti, put some ground pork and dehydrated zucchini in a big bowl of spaghetti and pretend it is the real deal.

My allergist is soooo nice. In the notes the nurse gave me, he congratulated me on losing one pound. Then, he wrote a congratulations of my Spelling Bee win. I have never gotten medical notes like I received today!

Five pounds of sweet potatoes are awaiting my attention. I will put them all in the oven at once to save on heating the house on multiple days. Plus, I can just freeze some and have a quick meal.The last few days have been full of produce gifts. 

Rhubarb is waiting for me to transform it into a pie with just a bit of sugar.  My rhubarb pie is like really tart lemonade. No excess sugar or strawberries ruin the taste. I did purchase the rhubarb.

When I first was introduced to rhubarb, I made a pie with a crust pressed into the pie pan and crumbled over the top of the pie. My son asked for more "cookie." The crust is like a sugar cookie. He was not eager for more rhubarb, just the "cookie."

The South is not conducive to growing rhubarb--too hot here. I need to figure out how to grow it other than moving 200 miles north of here.

Your turn
Raise your hand if you love rhubarb, too? Are you plagued with allergies?


  1. My son has allergies to all weeds,grasses and most trees. It was super crazy. One day camping, his throat started to feel tight. He has been doing the allergy shots for 3 years. It's worked well.

    1. Michelle,
      It is scary! I do have the epi pen and lots of medications. Camping would kill me. The doctor reiterated that night air, early and late in the day were the worst times for allergies. I took shots for several years.


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