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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Things Around Here

I helped two Hispanic guys find places they needed to go. Plus, I showed/helped them with applying for a job online. While I was at it, I asked them if they knew anyone with a lawn mower with a bagger to get all the leaves up. They did not but volunteered to help me since I had helped them.

Sometimes people volunteer to do things and never come through. Even when I am willing to pay, I sit and wait. These two guys showed up today and raked most of the yard and will come back later this week. He says he will bring a chainsaw for the shrubs-turned-into-trees.

This week, grape tomatoes are $0.99 for a dry pint, so I price-matched them at Walmart. Chicken tenders were $1.49. I only price matched one package. Both these were either at Sprouts or Aldi's. Broccoli crowns were $0.99/lb. Milk is two gallons for $4 at Kroger. These were my main purchases. All these ads go off Tuesday night.

By the way, the only tomatoes that are tasty in the winter are grape tomatoes. However, the Hand Candy brand were not fresh, so I took them back for the other brand at the WM here. When I say "not fresh," I mean I put my finger through a couple and lots were shriveled. They have been fine other times I bought them.

I appreciate the one person who helped with the internet connection, but I am afraid to commit to a year with no funds to back it up. When I have surgery, I will feel isolated at home. But, I suppose I will survive. I will keep those funds for internet service in the future. Thanks!

Okay, gotta go. BK is closing.

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  1. TMobile's phones can be used as hot spots with no overage fees. Maybe you could get rid of your home phone and get a cell instead. Just a thought.


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