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Monday, December 21, 2015

Apples, Apples, Apples

A free apple giveaway netted me about 50 lbs. of apples. Of course, I could not pick up the bag once I filled them. A nice teen boy and girl helped me. The crockpot and dehydrator will be busy.

I watched people eat a circle around an apple and throw it on the ground. Why not eat the whole apple and throw the core in the trash. Apples rotting on asphalt are gross.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will put the three gallons of blueberries that are in the crockpot now into jars to join the jars of applesauce in the refrigerators.

Then, I have two hens to put into the crockpot and freeze for later.

Tuesday, I have to finish helping the Hispanic guys enter their computer resumes. ugh, still tired.

None of this is exciting. However, I am very proud of my apple score. I could have had three times as much apples if I could have bent over to get them.

Starting early Monday, we have had rain that is predicted to last through next Sunday. I hate that the little children with bikes from Santa will not be able to enjoy them.

A friend came today and moved things so I can use my space heater. Since it has been down to 28 F degrees, the heat is welcome. Now, the weather is great for December, 60s in the day and high 50s at night and up to high 70s next week and 80 on Sunday. It is 58 now at almost midnight. Don't envy us too much since with warm winter weather, we are always in danger of tornadoes. We know we will pay even as we go around in short sleeves, shorts and sandals.

Your turn
How are your days going? How is the weather?


  1. I would be overwhelmed by that many apples. You are a brave apple eater. LOL
    It has been so nice here north of Chitown. It's 40 today! That is a heat wave.

    1. I will dehydrate, make applesauce, and share the whole apples.

  2. HOT here. Very hot. Nudging 100 here and hotter in other parts of Oz.
    Great apple score.

    1. If
      the humidity were low, it would work for me. But, that is very hot. Thanks.

  3. Oh I love anything free...nice work. As for the litterers, some people only see the little bit of world directly in front of them.

  4. Great apple score!

    Obviously my weather is like yours and we have the ac on tonight. I hope tornados skip up tomorrow!

    1. Anne,
      Since I am just a few miles north of you. our weather is very similar. My friend from Hueytown left about 1 pm to be home before anything happened weatherwise. I am counting on no tornadoes up here. I opened a window this morning since no allergens seem to be in the air.

  5. It has been very hot here but we have had a couple of days respite now.

    Great work with the apples. I buy apples by the box because they are cheap and i have a lot of mouths to feed. I'm getting sick of the sight of them.

    1. I gave a few of these away already, so I don't have so many to deal with.

      It will get cooler here next week.


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