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Sunday, December 20, 2015


1) After the new bulbs were planted, I saw water coming from the curb right in front of the water meter. It appears there is some sort of leak. So, Monday, I will call. Hopefully, my bulbs won't have to be disturbed. Hopefully, this is on the city side.

2) The new washer does not work correctly, so that must be replaced.  I told Lowe's that after Christmas would be okay. That leaves the kitchen and laundry room in disarray since things had to be moved to get to the laundry room. I cannot move the things, so my friend had not come over to move things back.

3) The new mattress looks more like a hammock shape, so that will be replaced with something else. When I told the woman that I did not mind waiting until after Christmas, she hugged me and thanked me profusely. I had a mattress for 35 years that was still flat and the edge where I sat to get into bed was still straight. The edge of this mattress looks like a "U".

3) I took slugmama's giveaway she won here to the PO. Somehow, I lost her address. Retrieving it meant I had to come here to get on the internet to find it. I have it now.

4) Where is "here"? Once again, I am at BK. Unfortunately, I went back with ATT internet last Friday. I figured I have money for one month service, so I am going with that. On Saturday, less than 24 hours into ATT service, I once again had no internet! I only went back with them because it was cheaper than Charter which was $69 after the first cheap year.

5) I took my old computer to have data transferred to this new computer. They were having a special. When I got home, the transferred data was all in code. I took both computers back to Office Max to see what was the problem. Well, it appears there is nothing on the hard drive and nothing transferred to my computer!  That would mean all my pictures are lost. Sooooo, they want me to bring both computers back on Monday. This makes three trips. I am quite distraught over losing all documents and pictures. This is the first time I have ever paid anyone to transfer data to a new computer. Then, the professional fails! Oh, they said I might have had a virus that destroyed everything in the transfer process.

6) When I headed back to PO with gifts to children and giveaway for slugmama, I decided to check my bank account online. Yep, only $2 left in the account, so all Christmas gifts will be late. The data transfer could have waited, especially since it destroyed my data! That money would have carried me through mailings.

7) Since I must go to Huntsville on Monday, everyone I know must come tomorrow to my house. I may just leave anyway. everyone=friend to move something, friend to help me, someone to deal with water leak, internet guy from ATT.

8) Last night, I put two gallons of frozen apples into the crockpot. At home there is applesauce waiting to be put into jars. I won't can it, just eat it or freeze it. A gallon of blueberries, thawed now, also waits. Blueberry cobbler is in my plans. Maybe it will be a crockpot event, too. Since I cooked a crockpot full of chicken tenders, the ones bought for $1.49 or $1.69, forgot which, I need to freeze those. I could be doing that while I am on the internet! You know what I mean--just do one and go back to internet until I need to attend to the kitchen things.

Okay, rant over.

Believe it or not, I am still in a Christmas mood.

Your turn
Have you ever had so many system failures at one time? "When it rains, it pours" sort of thing?


  1. Yes, took my car in for a tune up and to check out a funny noise coming from beneath the steering wheel on the left side of the car. Had to redo the entire power steering system and one more fairly minor issue . Nothing like dropping 2 plus grand the week before Christmas

    1. Anne,
      Yikes! I love how car issues snowball. That is a lot of money anytime, but especially before Christmas.

  2. Urgh our washer as the same..pain in the neck :)

  3. Sometimes a good rant is justified and yours sure seems like it fits. I hope things resolve.

    1. Sam,
      I thought it was justified, too. Okay, I now have internet. Now, to get the city out here for the water leak.

  4. You have a lot going on but I'm glad to hear that you are still in the Christmas spirit.
    I'm sure everything will work itself out.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Sonya Ann,
      The working it out is so hard! Merry Christmas!

  5. my fridge is about to die, i havent bought gifts for my nieces, i am so anaemic i feel on the verge of fainting, had to cancel on a client because i had heatstroke and i have $100 in my account but havent bought any food for the coming week.

    I hear ya!

    1. Oh kylie,
      That's awful! The heat stroke got me this summer. Why are you so anemic? This is not good. In the heat you certainly need a refrigerator. Actually, be careful you don't buy lots and the refrigerator fails completely. Your predicament is certainly worse than a lousy washing machine!


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