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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The sinus infection went to my chest. Even though I was taking an antibiotic and had an injection of another antibiotic, I became worse by the day. Earlier last week, I was faced with a breakout that rivaled any teen problem. It was worse on my chest and upper arms. Plus, I had a swollen place on my cheek that turned worse before it subsided, leaving me with a huge problem. HA! All this was a reaction to the injection. I showed the doctor and he said he and a nurse had the same problem, that it took six weeks to go away. Yeah, and there are other places on my face.

All this is not to air my bumps. It is to say what I was puzzled about was  a drug reaction. Now, for six weeks to pass. I do keep upper arms and chest covered just as the way I dress. But, my face at Christmas time and holidays just won't do!

A few weeks ago, I had gained some of my weight-loss back. Well, I am losing down to my original 25-pound weight loss. Losing weight over Thanksgiving is great. I even had a whole pumpkin pie the day before Thanksgiving. I did not back off from sugar or carbs. But, my indulgences were short-lived. That is the key for me.

The grocery ads have had nothing I wanted, nothing I buy, and nothing I needed. Consequentially, I have spent less than $5 on food in about ten days. It appears there is nothing in this week's ad either. I will buy ground pork from Publix today or tomorrow.  Hopefully, Kroger has milk 2/$4 this week. I have one banana left. My Diet Coke is gone, so there is that to buy. Spending $10 for one week is great! Of course, I will have milk for two weeks and ground pork.

I saved back one of the 10 celery heads I bought for $0.48 for making chicken salad, tuna salad, just stuff that sort of calls for crunchy celery. There are chicken breasts here, ready for those meals, breasts from the hens I cooked before Thanksgiving.

If I appear MIA, I cannot afford $69/month for wifi from Charter. I refuse to go back to ATT. Exbf is all about me getting the best deal, but he sort of became alarmed I would consider ATT again. I do have choices--buy a phone with hotspot capability or buy a hotspot and pay by the month. Either is cheaper than Charter I have. Both take money.

Your turn
How did you do on weight gain or loss over Thanksgiving and Halloween? Have you found any good sales?


  1. I try to stay away from antibiotics and have found this home remedie effective for colds or cough and congestion:
    Boil a cup or two of water, add a few tbs thyme and a few tbs rosemary, boil for just a few more minuets then breath the steam with a towel over your head. The herbs are supposed to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Can't say for sure but it helps me. I store it in a jar and reheat and reuse. Dr Google also said to strain it and drink it till your pee smells herbal but I can't get more than a few gulps down. Not gonna smell my pee either. I do gargle it tho. Hope you fell better soon.

  2. Eugenie,
    Thanks. That sounds like a winner. I used to cure myself without a doctor. Somehow, what I do does not work anymore. Your pee would probably be so strong you would smell the warmth wafting

  3. Sorry you are sick! Knock on wood here but I only get a cold every 4 or 5 years and am rarely sick. There have been a few times I felt a tickle in my throat and took zinc and Echinacea religiously a few days and warded off the virus. I think as the oldest of 6 , a teacher in my early life, kindergarten volunteer, mother of 3 kids with a 16 year age difference between youngest and oldest and granny of 3, I have been exposed to most old viruses and now immune. I still get the flu shot every year though! Yes, I am always fighting the battle of the bulge- it started when I was in my mid 40's and then the ole' thyroid gave out. So here I am at 68 now overweight but my joints are pretty good and I keep active with my job. I will NEVER give up losing weight though- I'd be happy weighing 150 and I'm just 5'4. Bargains? Not really- I still need to buy my youngest daughter a gift. Can you believe she wants red lipstick? If I go out later, it should be easy to find.

    1. NAN,
      My son had surgery to open the sinuses on one side. Now, he is free of sinus infections. I know researchers say getting chilled will not cause a person to become ill. But, an extreme chill preceded this by a few hours.

      A friend who taught first grade almost died from something she caught from a child. She was told to never teach any grade lower than fifth grade. My goal is 150 and I am 5' 7.5" tall. Red lipstick is surely something you can find and probably on sale. If you buy it at CVS, it may be buy one get one half off. Plus, if she does not like it, she can return it to CVS if she has the receipt. I have only used that option once. Is she old enough to wear red lipstick?

  4. Hey Linda Do you knit or crochet? I got this entry on FB the other day about someone who knitted little chicken jackets for her chickens. Of course I can't find it now. Anyway thought you could spend some of your time knitting these things. Sorry to hijack your thread.

    1. Kristine,
      I crochet but not much. Cute idea. My hands hurt when I crochet..whine... whine. You did not hijack my thread, I would love to see the site.

  5. Replies
    1. Within a few hours of taking the new med, I felt almost 100% better.


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