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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Robins and My Car Problem

As I sat in the car wondering why it would not start, I noticed about two dozen robins in the yard and shrubs. Amazing! Have they not left to go south, or have they come back? At first, I thought my eyes were fooling me and I was seeing another bird. Nope. They are robins, male and female.

What is going on? Did this warm weather fool them?

So, the car won't start. The battery and starter work fine. This has happened to this car before, but not in the last six years. It would get near empty and stop in the road, not start after work, not start after it sat overnight. I think there is something in the fuel line because the gas became so low. I lost the gas cap last month and have not replaced it, so maybe there is water from condensation in the tank and now sucked into the fuel line. ???

One neighbor sent a worker who declared it was out of gas. He took my gas can and money and came back with a can of gas. Nope. That did not work. So, now I will allow it to sit for a while. I don't think it was flooded. When my kids were little, I actually paid someone to come and get my car started as we sat in a parking lot with groceries in the car. Once someone told me to just let it sit for 30 minutes, I never paid anyone for helping me with a flooded car, whatever part became flooded.

Three other people said they would help me after work before this guy came. So, I will wait. Only one of them will actually know what to do. But, one of the others may take me to get a prescription.

Charlie, who is too far away to really help, said maybe it was vapor lock. ???

It's a good thing I had nothing planned, nothing to go out for on NYE. But, I hate the idea of not being able to drive when I want. Sometimes, the car sits all day or for three. But, driving is my choice.

Forty-five minutes have passed, so maybe it will start. A gas cap is going on a list so I won't forget to buy it again.

Your turn
Have you seen birds out of season? Or, animals?  Any ideas about the car so I don't have to call a tow truck?


  1. I try not to let my car get below 1/4 of a tank simply because of sediment in the gas. I would think if this is the problem adding gas and letting it sit should help if sediment is not sucked into the fuel line. I came on here to wish you a happy new year. 2015 went out with a bang for me. New pump in the septic tank cost $575. I am a city girl. I know nothing about septic tanks. But I know trouble when someone tells me not to flush the toilet if possible. Let's hope we both leap our woes in 2015. I anticipate a quiet evening. Can't remember the last time I stayed up till midnight. Maybe 2000 when my son-in-law tripped breaker at midnight to freak everyone out. Happy New Year Linda!

  2. Carol,
    I just procrastinate because I hurt too much some days and think I will do it later. Some days, I really don't have much money. Yes, sediment has gotten sucked in before. This is a real bummer.

    I am a mix of city and country girl, mostly city. I cannot remember have a septic tank, but some of the places we lived most certainly must have had a septic tank.

    Yes, telling me not to flush the commode or don't flush toilet paper are not good signs. And, that is an expensive fix. There are ways to help your septic tank, but not sure what. If you take care of it, the tank will not have to be cleaned out so often. I have heard that something called Rid-ex helps. But, I don't know for sure.

    I will be up until midnight, just quietly. I think I was ill last NYE, not sure. I had nothing planned. However, chip and dip and Coke is my all-alone fare for NYE.

    Happy New Year, Carol!

  3. Nowadays septics often have pumps and there is nothing you can do to prolong their life that I know of. I've been told nothing really helps a septic tank except being careful what goes into it. There shouldn't be a food disposal on it or anything flushed except toilet paper. Be careful with cleaning products like bleach that kill the bacteria, and acidic toilet bowl cleaners which erode the concrete. Products like Rid-X are more of a scam than anything. I think they are just a yeast=type product.

    1. Jane,
      I knew about being careful what goes into it, but not whether Rid-X was really helpful or not. thanks.

  4. I would try heet in the gas tank. Anna's car was a train wreck when she came home and one of the problems was she got a tank of bad gas.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I just had someone take me to WM and could have gotten Heet. I also think I need lots of gas, not just the two gallons the guy brought me. Okay, I will call a different friend tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. It cannot hurt and will be cheaper than towing and a mechanic.

  5. Living in Arizona doesn't have much for seasonal animals, although some hummingbirds are such.

    1. Ur-spo,
      I have been told that I have hummingbirds in my yard, but I have never seen one.


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