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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Chicken tenders are $1.49 at Sprouts, so naturally I price-matched them at Walmart.

Then, as I made a futile trip to the PO, I saw a Zaycon truck behind the PO. After my failed attempt at mailing things, I stopped and found they deliver here once a month. I am at Lowe's right now using my laptop after waiting for someone to return from lunch. So, since this is so uncomfortable to type here, look it up and see the description of the quality of all the meats. I have never read a complaint.

I may be without a computer while I get the old stuff transferred to the new computer. So, I am not dead or deserting the place. I wish I knew someone who could help me save a small fortune. But, no, I don't.


  1. Practial: What do you need help with? I'm pretty good with building desk top PC's from scratch and not bad about picking laptops if I know what you are looking for....

    If you give me a $300.00-$1000.00 dollar I could give you a laptop or parts to buy for a desktop depending on what you need a computer to do for you. Desktops are simple to build but they need to have all the parts work together. Laptops give you a basic system and you learn to adapt.

    Give me shout if you need help

  2. I cannot find your email. Can you email me? Thanks.


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