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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Need Ideas for Outdoor Faucet

Hens eating dinner of corn and oats
This is the outdoor faucet that I had installed last December. I just this week have gotten limited water use. I have lived here since 1977 with NO outdoor faucet. I do have a sink in the basement with a faucet. However, the trip down the steps is too treacherous for either exbf or me to chance. The price was only little bit more than a faucet on the house which would involve more water lines in the basement and drilling through thee one foot rock wall.

With no water at all, exbf had to carry a gallon of water from the house to chicken waterer. Now, the water is six feet from the waterer. Plus, I can now water any "garden" without filling a watering can or bucket. Before, I had to carry water out of the house or go into the basement to hook up the hose and wrangle the hose up the steps and across the yard.

I need ideas for an area around the faucet, especially where the water will hit the ground and be muddy. I am looking for a relatively splash-free solution. I do not want standing water or mud.If I put in small stones, I know the chickens will scratch them out. I am looking to do this cheaply with a strong feeling for aesthetics.

bricks and cap blocks

The step at the right is the bottom step. Then, the bricks and cap blocks extend about six feet. It is not long enough but it keeps me out of a stream when it is wet or raining. 

horizontal is granite slab about three feet long
The other two flat rocks I put there, intending to put more.

concrete was here when we moved here
There are several of these rough paths around the back yard. This one went to the tree that is no longer there. I will not remove this, of course.

rock in front yard
This flat rock is in the front yard and can be removed along with others.

behind shrubs
My monster rock is about 18 inches on the long side and is a good 5 or 6 inches thick. 

My aesthetics are quirky. I made myself a walk to the side door I use by using cap blocks I had, antique bricks, pavers someone gave me and some slabs of granite.  I have gotten compliments on the walk. Some people just look at it and continue. They probably feel sorry for me. Others suggest I buy matching material. This was free and suits me just fine.

There are a dozen or so bricks around here, some in the chickens' pen or around the outside of the pen. That is one idea. 

I have ideas involving all of the material I have around here. I just don't want anyone to have to walk in mud, do not want the area to attract digging hens. One thing I am thinking about doing is the leave a crack between huge stones where the water will run or drip.

And, I am going to spray the silver part of the pipe. I have all sorts of spray paint colors, so that is a "free" or "no money outlay now" part of the project. Oh, I am going to lay a weed block down, something water will go through but will blocks weeds.

Very important part--there must be nothing that will trip exbf or me. Any brick will have to be low sort of dug in or stomped into the ground so neither of us will step on it and cause it to flip or an ankle to turn.

My best idea is a group of bricks where the water falls with the larger, more stable rocks around it. The bricks will probably be lower, but that is no problem since no one will be walking there.

Two Men and a Little Farm has a water and rocks post today. Read it if you wish, but please come back and help me.

Your turn
Do you have any other ideas that are either cheap or free? Keep quirky and aesthetics in mind.


  1. Can you adapt a rain water collection barrel? Put it higher than the chickens and attach a hose?

    1. I have a water source--the faucet. I am not looking to spend a bunch of money on a water collection system. I cannot do that by myself. I just want to protect the faucet area from mud and chickens and weeds.

      The faucet and chickens are under trees, so I would have a struggle to keep leaves out. Raising it up would mean I would have to risk climbing. For someone else, that would be a good idea. Thanks

  2. I like your idea of bricks and larger stones. It would blend with what your photos show. Don't know if this is possible for you but an 8-12" hole, dug where the water would come out of the faucet, and filled with rocks would help eliminate splash and mud - the water would drain into the ground. This might also help, we use it on our elevated rain barrel, a short (whatever length a washer hose is as that is what we used) hose attached to the faucet and then hooked over the faucet when not in use. When filling buckets it prevents splash and, in my case, missing the bucket or watering can. And a hose can be attached to the end not attached to the faucet. Not having an outdoor faucet would drive me nuts. So glad you have yours now.

    1. Bellen,
      That is a good idea about the hole with rocks. I had thought about two layers of brick to make the bricks even with the stones so a bucket or chickens' water sit evenly with bricks and stone. A broken piece was going to be fitted with new connectors and strung to pen which is about 8 feet away so there is not walking with a container of water.

      This has driven me nuts for years. Now, it was getting dangerous to go down the steps. The situation was discouraging me to wash car, water plants, just everything was harder. Thanks.

  3. Hi Linda..I know the value of an extra faucet, we have one in the middle of our yard. I know whatever you come up with it will be pleasing to the eye. I would take the lazy approach and cut a circle from your landscape fabric and cover it with a bag of mulch or wood chips. Good luck

  4. carol,
    Someone at Lowe's suggested using sand. Remember, I have chickens who would love mulch or wood chips to scratch all over the yard. It is a good idea, but in some aspects, I have to plan for them as much as little children.

  5. I think Bellen's idea of the hole with rocks is great and then I would lay the flat stones you have around that and outwards (probably set in sand or fine gravel) until you have the area size covered that you want, maybe a 5x5 or so? Then border it all with the brick to make a nice, crisp edge. I would sweep sand in between all the cracks to help hold it all in place.
    I like mixing materials too. Looks good to me.

    1. rex,
      I have a 40 lb. bag of sand in the trunk, so I have that covered, too. Thanks for the vote of confidence on mixing materials. Now, the only thing I need is the weed cloth.


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