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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Did Not cook Dinner

Dinner out--half-eaten

I received one of those cards that offers a free dinner on Monday if you come and listen their little talk to sell you something. It was a subject that interested me. More about that later in another post..
The restaurant was Jim N' Nicks, a chain in Alabama. We had our choice of quite a few dinners. We both chose a bbq plate. The sides were slaw, baked beans and mashed potatoes. Who eats mashed potatoes with bbq? Naturally, The waitress gave me the only side I did not order--beans. So, she brought me mashed potatoes with gravy, quite tasty but not bbq fare.
It was delicious. I DID NOT HAVE TO COOK DINNER!
Of course, I brought home a huge box of leftovers for Thelma and Maggie May.
He came here to do things to help me, but brought no work clothes. What is with that? He gets so filthy when he even moves the hose. But, at least he is not afraid to get dirty. I am not complaining about the man getting dirty, but he could do nothing he usually does, like put chicken water and change their pinestraw. He did hook up my new antenna--the Leaf. It barely works to pick up stations. Bummer.
My friend G came over to help me sort things for less than an hour. Her being here is a stressor. The two of them here at the same times is sooo stressful. It is not anything they do; it's my problem. lol Both of them know this, so this is no secret.
We had a horrible but short thunderstorm here. The news was on as the storm moved through, and pictures of damage here was on the news. That was fast! The hickory tree right outside the picture window was bending limbs to the ground. The wind was tornado quality in my yard. During the storm I wondered where the hens were. As soon as it was over, they appeared and were scratching at the newly wet ground.
The temps were in the 90s until the storm went through. Low 70s was a relief.
Your turn
Do you ever get an invitation to these infomercials with a free dinner? Do you go? Was it stormy at your house?


  1. I've never received an invitation like that. My most recent (almost) free meal was when I got a coupon from Panera for $5 off. I got a cup of soup & two rolls for lunch & only paid $.08!

    So you tried the MOHU Leaf Antenna with no luck? Drats! I've used it in 4 locations (office building, 3rd floor apt & 1st floor apt, & house) all with great reception. Must be where I live.

    It's been stormy off & on for the last month. Tornado sirens & flash floods a few weeks ago.

    1. I suppose it is where I live, just a few blocks from two radio stations and a local television station, both between me and the only channel I really want. However, it picks up nothing from the other direction. Exbf is going to try it on another wall. He will be back on the 16th.

      We have had rain for many days, but not storms. They can quit anytime as far as I am concerned.

  2. It was stormy last night.

    Oftentimes I don't cook dinner. I eat something like a granola bar with a scrape of peanut butter on it.

    1. 444,
      Not cooking is nice. I feel if he comes to help me, then I should cook. He expects it because I do...sigh. Of course, if I am not well or too pooped, he does buy dinner. Your dinner sounds perfectly adequate!


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