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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Maggie May, Burger King, and JC Penney

Today, I took out some of the chopped pork and slaw from the dinner. I dumped it in a heap. Thelma started eating. Maggie May grabbed  a portion that was larger than a golf ball and smaller than a tennis ball. She stood for about five seconds then ran to a corner. That is what my hens do, grab a big piece of something and run to a corner where they can eat without so much guarding of their food.

Before I could move away, Maggie May was back to eating with Thelma. She had deposited the large portion in the corner to assure she would have more than Thelma. Oh, the reason she could get such a large portion of chopped pork is that I took it to them cold from the refrigerator.

Maggie May cannot find the door to the pen, but she knows how to hoard food!!!

Since I became ill this last time, I have been frequenting Burger King several times a week. Still, I lost weight. I get a Whopper jr, light mayo, only tomatoes, only lettuce. When the order taker hears my voice, the screen if filled in automatically. Yes, I lost 20 lbs eating there. I never buy fries.

Last week, the person at the window where I pay was hanging out the window--arms and all the torso she could get out the window. There was no ac in the place except for where customers eat. Tuesday, the situation was the same. When I went inside to get a number, they gave me a number that could only be reached with the store phone. When I asked the woman why the ac was not repaired, she said she could do nothing except report it to maintenance. I assured some could and someone  Ought to be able to have it repaired by Wednesday. I told her I could and would picket the place, that I knew how to get a permit. Then, it would be in the papers, probably making national news.

We went round and round on this point. Then, I told her that the no ac was impacting the lives of the employees. They had to drive home exhausted from the heat, cook for their families, take care of babies, go to school and study. She kept repeating that she could do nothing. I suggested she contact the people with whom she would not connect.

"When someone passes out and hits his/her head on one of the sharp metal or floor surfaces. that will be a workplace accident." I pointed out that I have proof that I called and people can hear me, that I was sitting in the restaurant, using a loud indoor voice, and customers were listening. So, maybe it would be partially her fault for refusing to do more when it was over 90 degrees in the South.

This was about 3 pm Tuesday. At 5 pm Wednesday, the ac had been working most of the day. On the phone, I was polite, reasonable, and firm. I kept saying things like, "So Wednesday it should be fixed?" "Wednesday is the longest I will wait." "I know how to picket and have done it before,"

I am so happy I don't have to picket in this heat! I would have to take my walker AND a lawn chair. But, I absolutely would have done it.

JC Penney left town  6 weeks ago. So, I need to see if I can justify a 25 mile trip to use the $10 coupon. I also have a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase. There will probably nothing I need at that price. Maybe I will see another customer making a large purchase and offer it to someone else.

Tonight, I brought home green beans, rice, and meat for hens from the church dinner. The hens were thrilled.

Your turn
I know your chickens fight over each morsel as though it were the last food on earth, but do you have a chicken that takes food away to hide it in a corner to hoard it? Remember, Maggie May took bread from Thelma and stacked it on top of the piece she already had?

Have you ever helped employees at a place where you did not work? Picketed?


  1. I called CVS HQ because the heat was on and it was 80 out. The poor women in the store said that HQ controlled the heat/ac not them. It was crazy hot in there.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I have been told that customer complaints get things done. None one should have to deal with heat on the job. Okay, if employees can wear sandals, shorts and tank tops and drink water all day....maybe.


  2. You’ve go the J. C. Penny paragraph twice. I do the same thing, and I hope you will point it out to me when I do.

    I should think that a coupon from Pennys would end up costing you more than buying the same thing online without a coupon.

    1. Snow,
      I decided to move the location and forgot to delete the first location. It is moved now.

      There are things to do in the other town that would make the driving cost go away. I have to make a dr appointment there. Also, the coupon does not expire until the 21st. I have time to mail it to a friend, tell him what to get and retrieve it from him when he comes here or I go there. I won't be driving for just this!


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