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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Problem Solved

missing "e"
While this missing key may look like a problem, it is actually beneficial. Anytime I had to type an "e" in a document, Sometimes, I had to hit the key very hard. When I do that, my whole hand tenses, causing lasting pain and stiffness.
I am one of those people who does not pound the keys so hard. I just barely touch the keys. Therefore, typing causes no fatigue or pain in my hands and fingers.
Last night, I poked around under the key with no luck. Usually, I can use a business card and extract dust bunnies from under keys. Once, I pulled a 10" hair of mine from under the keys. That did not work last night. Finally, I pried the key up and it popped off. There was gunk under the key. Some residue remains at the top right corner in the picture above..
back of key
People talk about popping keys back on. I really don't think that will work here. There are two minute clip-like things, but too small for me to work back onto the space for the key.
I don't want to invest in canned air! I know about it. Maybe you use it.
When I had a pc in the other room, I never brought food or drink into the room. The office chair in there was prone to dumping me out backwards, so I used the computer and carefully got up. Now that I have had a laptop in front of the tv and sit in an easy chair, I guess I am a pig.
There is a 1960 movie on TV with Tony Curtis, Dean Martin,  and Janet Leigh. I am struck by how many times they must find a phone. I remember those days! I have been sitting here wondering how we would manage without cell phones.
Your turn
What do you do with keys that have been popped off the keyboard? Can they be put back on by a professional?


  1. It would be so hard to live without an e. DJ works fixing computers and all the tech work a the school, he brought home a key the other day.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      LOL...that is what I thought about the "e"! Now, it is working without the key, just can access the letter. That must be nice having your own computer tech person living in your house. I wonder what he is going to do with the key.

  2. i have replaced keys many times but i did have one where the clip broke. i just live without the key, i never used it anyway

    sometimes i take all the keys off to clean underneath

    1. kylie,
      The back of the key has clip shaped like a C that seems to go onto something underneath, not sure what. You are brave and smart to remove all the keys AND replace them!

  3. I turn the keyboard upside down and bash it every so often - which shifts some things but wouldn't have helped with your sticky e. Not game to try and take them off. Pretty sure I would have an epic fail putting them back again.

    1. EC,
      It might be hard to whack the keyboard of my laptop, but I can try. I am with you. I won't be pulling all the keys off. "Epic fail" describes it perfectly.


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