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Saturday, September 14, 2013

S%it Southern Women Say, Part 1

Now, I must say, all this sounds sooo familiar. I do say some of this, not all by any means. And, I do not have such a Southern accent. But, I can drawl if you like. So, y'all might like to watch S%it Southern Women Say, Part 1.

And, there is more.

How Southern Women Talk, Part 2

How Southern Women Talk, Part 3

I have never in my life said, "Raise the window down. "

Most of the other things I have heard all my life even if I do not say them.

However, it is true--you can never have too many cake stands! Even though it is true, I have never said it.

To show you how little Southern accent I have, people say to me, "You're not from around here, are you?"

Entertain me

Are you from the South or not? If you are not from the South, what do you think of Southern accents? What are any of your  regional experiences that include the South.


  1. I am not from the South. Some people in Florida have accents, but most of them aren't drawls. They're hick accents. People quite often ask me if I'm from New York. I sound absolutely nothing like a New Yorker.


    1. I understand. You just sound educated or well-reared. By the way, 75% of Floridians are from the North or are Hispanic. Besides, Florida is not properly a "Southern" state.

      I have a friend from Honduras who proclaimed that people from a tiny town near here did not speak proper English. Even a person not from here recognized poor English.

      Those women in the videos are hilarious and mostly speak properly, even if they are dripping with drawl and idioms.

      I do understand.

  2. People used to think I was from the South because I say "Y'all" and "All y'all" -- but it's because that is the best English way to say "you" in the plural!

    1. I say "all y'all" all the time. lol

    2. Alex and Lisa,
      "All y'all" Is so redundant. But, I say it occasionally, too. You know, you just don't want anyone to think they are exempt from whatever.

      Thanks, both of you for the comments. It is always good to see how others think and talk.

    3. I think "all y'all" is for emphasis when I use it, like with children. No, I do not corrupt or promote bad English since they are still saying "ain't."

  3. It's a shame, but if you talk like a hick, your IQ drops 80 points. But intelligence depends on which part of the country you're standing on.

    It's my belief that everyone in Florida speaks with a Massachusetts, NY, or Michigan accent, and have the bad manners and arrogance to go with it.

    I speak hillbilly with a drawl, but all my cuss words are easily understood.

    1. Did you think those women talked like hicks?

  4. Well bless your heart!

    Both of my parents were from the south (Arkansas) however neither of them had much of an accent. Daddy had more of an accent than mother. While neither had a true accent I am very familiar with most of the phrases in the video you posted.

    I understand that when my mother arrived in California she DID have quite a heavy accent but once she learned that people out here were tickled by her accent and were making fun of her behind her back she did everything she could to drop it. She ended up having one of those odd ways of speaking.... like a soap opera character or like one of those newscasters from the 1930's. (Imagine FDR's "fear" speech.) She was a very proper speaker! .... but in an odd way.

    I attended 1st grade in Oklahoma. My grandfather had had a stroke and my mother, sister and I stayed for several months to assist in his care. I was enrolled in school and quickly picked up a southern accent. My mother was appalled and did all she could to put a stop to it. I will admit that even today I am quick to pick up a drawl. It is a joke that when we drive through El Paso I pick up an unnatural way of speaking. I sure don't mean to! During my first marriage I moved to Louisiana TWICE. I'm telling you ..... an accent is easy to pick up. I really enjoyed those videos.

    Got to go.... I'm fixin to go to bed now!

  5. Janet,
    Thanks for the interesting stories. I just don't pick up accents from others. I know people that do. It must be interesting to travel with you and listen to you

    I doubt my parents EVER said any of things those women said. And, neither had much of an accent. I am sort of like Faulkner; I won't pick up another accent, no matter where I visit or live.

    I can see why your mother would try so hard and succeed to lose her accent. It absolutely annoys me when people cannot quit talking about how I speak. People interrupt all the time and just think it is "so cute" how I speak. However, most people listen politely.

    And, I am fixing to go out yonder and feed the hens.


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