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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Autumn Joy Sedum: Deer/Drought-Proof/Edible: Update

Sedum Autumn Joy
Check out the link under the picture if you are looking for deer- or drought-proof plants that are edible.  Sedum fills the bill for all three.

The rest below are ramblings of mine.

My sedum will look like this and even darker during the late fall and early winter. As I recall from ten years ago, it almost looks like a dark burgundy.

Autumn Joy Sedum
Sedum telephium 'Autumn Joy'
I took a picture of this in the nursery.
I bought a Sedum Joy (what they called it in the nursery) about 13 years ago. It stayed in the yard near the bird bath, living for several  years, bringing me a great deal of joy. The year 2003 was not a good year for yard work or getting to the yard since I waited for six months waiting for workman's comp insurance to give me "permission" to have an MRI for my knee that had a torn meniscus. After that, I no longer remember this plant. Maybe it is growing in a thicket right now.
I have been told that sedum comes in different colors. One year, in my search for this pink variety, I found yellow. This is deer and drought proof, or so says the internet source under the picture above.  And, you can eat it. I will try it next year when, hopefully, the pesticides will be gone or less.

Sedum Joy turning from green to pink
This is the plant I own.
Isn't that a delicate pink? Eventually, the whole plant will turn pink, only pink. Then, during the fall it turns a deep burgundy, crimson you might call it. Every week it is a different and deeper shade of pink to burgundy. I just went out past the Sedum Joy and it is a delicate pink, not so evident in the picture.
After the Autumn color fades to burgundy it just remains as dead stalks. I leave it all winter because it is actually structurally pretty. Plus, I know where the sedum is located.  In the spring, the stalks are easily pulled up without disrupting the new growth.
I have looked for this every year but either never find it or find it in yellow. One plant is all I can afford, but I really enjoy the one I do have. Since it spreads, it really fills out a space with color for three seasons. However, it seems it is only sold in the Fall. It can grow 2' high and 2' wide. Of course, my plant is about 10" wide and not much taller.
Your turn
Some people have never heard of this plant. Others only know it by his name. And, some people act like it is common as grass. Where do you stand? Ever heard of this, planted it?


  1. I thought you were saying a girl's name It's a putty one.

    1. lol...I can see how you might think it was a girl's name.

  2. Yes, I know it well. It is Sedum "Autumn Joy." I inherited some in an oak barrel planter when we bought this house. It did not fare well, as it is a succulent, and likes to be in rocky /low dirt places. They are gorgeous in rock gardens!

  3. Yes, I have seen it written both ways. There are lots of sedums and this one is "Autumn Joy." I just copied the name from the nursery's printed stake in the pot.

    I don't know what happened to mine, but this one will be not die. I hope you put yours in a place it liked.

  4. Finally! I have been trying to remember the plant I had in Indiana that I couldn't kill! It was the sedum joy.

    Now I need to find a place down here that sells them. (They only sell plants that die in sand) The perfect way for them to stay in business!

  5. lotta joy,
    Well, I am glad you remembered. Tomorrow, I am going to have to go search for the one I thought died.

    That is a good way to sell more plants. very clever. Right now, Lowe's has them. Do you have a Lowe's?


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