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Friday, September 6, 2013

Cowboy Church and Horse Steaks? I Took a Drive

Thursday, I had to make a drive for mystery shopping. I am a cheap date for As I drove along, this sign drew me to the side of the road. I took this picture looking up toward the sun. I didn't have much choice of where to aim. I did not get out of the car for any of the pictures I took Thursday.
It was a beautiful day, as you can see. The road I drove is the same one I took a hundred times with my children on the way to my mother's house in Memphis. The last time I drove it was to her funeral. It was a bittersweet drive.
I am sitting in the driveway of this church. On the other side of the driveway is a sign for a free rodeo. I have a sneaky feeling the huge metal building was the rodeo and that is when and where they hold their services. I suppose bronc riders do pray lots.


Just in the driveway but not inside the gate, this cowgirl and her dog are waiting. She and the dog are made of metal. On the other side of the driveway was a cowboy. I know I took his picture.

Further along, this cow, number 192, was very interested in me. There were others closer to me, but all but this one ignored me. No. 192 looked me in the eye. I think we made a connection. I really wanted to stay and talk to her.

Mel's Steakhouse has a cow and a horse. Now, that was a surprise. I thought maybe they served horse steak.

Then, I saw the buggy. Whew!

This was a very tall structure. It is right near where the giant chicken was located. Oh, the chicken is gone.
After driving 140 miles, feeding my hens and then putting them to bed (locking the pen), I saw this sunset with ripples in the clouds. The picture does not do the sight justice.

So, that was my Thursday, very pleasant and not at all exciting, just satisfying. I stopped at the Mennonite bakery and got $1.25 worth of candy. Delicious.

Did you ever enjoy a sort of doing nothing day? Tell me about a memorable one or the last doing nothing day that turned out to be full of surprises and pleasant.


  1. Mennonite bakeries are fantastic. I frequented one in Sharpsburg when I lived in Maryland. I have lots of nothing days because my mind is a blank.


  2. Janie,
    LOL...I am quite sure your mind is not a blank. I guess a nothing day that was notable for me was what I meant. I wanted the cheesecake, but it was $9, so I settled for a bit of candy. Since it is 25 miles from me, I don't get out there often, but we have enjoyed everything we have gotten.

  3. Most days are do-nothing days, but today I did a de-clutter to the house, took out the leaves in the dining room table, and am enjoying seeing the extra floor space.

    1. lotta,
      I would love to see extra floor space around here, so it seems you accomplished lots!

  4. I enjoyed the photos. No atheist bronc riders, you think? Maybe not. Too bad about the chicken.

    1. I mentioned the cowboy church to exbf, he said there are lots of those churches. He sees bumper stickers on cars with the same emblem. According to his conversations with some of these people, the church is trying to reach a certain demographic--farmers, cowboys, coon dog owners. I suppose they wear camo and boots with shit on

      Yes, I miss that chicken. Next time I am that way, I may ask where it went.

  5. We plan on taking a day to do the Amish Trail in NY. Thanks for sharing your pics. Loved them.

    1. Precious,
      That sounds like a nice day trip. Thanks. I know you will take pictures, too.

  6. Nice photos! P.S. Did you get the email update I sent? :)


    1. TLC,
      Thanks. Yes, I did. Are you blogging again, yet?

    2. No, no time. I periodically read other's blogs, but I have to tackle things one at a time. Blogging definitely has to take the back burner.

      Would love to hear how you have been! :)


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