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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Food Deals

Some weeks there are absolutely no bargains I want in the grocery store. No coupons fit the sales. The last week there were such good deals. I did not even need a coupon to score.

White Vinegar--gallon normally $2.38, now$2.00/gal.
I use 2 gallons each month. I only bought five gallons. This strained my storage space. But, if I could have afforded more, I would have bought more and figured out where to store.

French's Pepper--$1.99(4 oz.) is normally $4.79. It was marked down to 2.99, but on the front was a coupon for $1.

Red Delicious Apples--$0.99, regularly $1.99
I buy a few every week to have absolutely fresh ones. Even putting them out on a counter that is not cooled starts the aging process.  Oh, I prefer Red Delicious.

Green grapes--$0.99, Normally $1.99 if not higher
I bought 10 lbs. of grapes. I intend to eat many and freeze many.

Cabbage--$0.35 normally higher
I only bought one head. I may go back and get more to dehydrate.

Ready for Banana Pineapple Mango Rum Jam
This is part of fifteen pounds I bought.

Vidalia onions--$0.99
Tonight, I will see how many I want for dehydrating. This time of year, this is a good price.

I bought 8 huge heads for the dehydrator. I will make tuna salad and potato salad before I dehydrate since they will only be good for cooking.

Then, this week it went down to $0.68. so I got three more.

Kraft Cheese--$1.49
Usually, it is from $2.58 (lowest) to $3.59
One store has it for $1.49 if you buy 5 packages. I did.

Minute Maid Orange Juice--$2.49
Usually this is $3.98 to $3.58
I only drink a half gallon every two weeks. I know oranges are better, but I love orange juice with my scrambled eggs, bacon, and milk when I have it in the mornings. Two weeks ago, I found a clearance because it had two days left on "best by" date, marked down to $1.50.

At Belle Foods, they are giving 20% off their store brand. On Wednesdays, I get another 5% off since I am a senior citizen. I bought seven large canisters of their store brand of old-fashioned oats. The receipt is missing, but I figured I paid 50% of the regular price of oats.

Milk I have gotten 20% off on their store brand of milk.  I have three gallons stuffed in my refrigerator with all the celery.

Of course, these are grocery store deals. The cabbage was so fresh. I know the grapes come from CA and the Vidalia onions from Georgia. However, they are fresh. Remember,only onions from certain counties in GA can be Vidalia. 

Your turn
Have you found, as I have, that their are many sales the past 10 days? I know none of this is from a farm stand, but I cannot walk to even shop at 20 booths. Besides, some of these foods are not available at outdoor farmers markets. What have been your best food sales or buys lately?


  1. Which grocery store do you use? We only have Publix and WinnDixie down here. Not known for "deals".

    Is it always BELLE?

    Your post reminded me of something I've let go too far, considering the time of year. I always load up on Vidalia onions and red peppers. Dice them and freeze them. I have NONE right now and am in serious need of vinegar.

  2. Belle Foods bought Food World but retained the name. Some of these deals were from other stores but price-matched at Walmart. Okay, just kill me now.

    The other stores are local, but too far to drive except for Warehouse Discount Grocery which is very close by. That's were the vinegar came from.

    Walmart will price match stores from Birmingham, 50+ miles to the north and Huntsville, 50+ miles to the south and all eastward and westward store that have ads. I won't drive 10 miles out east to buy cheese, so I price-matched.

    Walmart even takes Publix and Target coupons.

    Better get those Vidalias before they are gone.

    If you look up, you can see that they bought several stores and retained the original names of the stores. Our Food World, owned by Belle Foods, is closing forever tonight. We are getting a Publix in its place. The store and several others will be torn to the ground and rebuilt as a huge Publix. I am sad.

    Groceries I shopped for these deals:
    Food World (Belle Foods)
    Warehouse Discount Groceries
    Aldi (price-matched at WM)
    Hoppers (price-matched at WM)
    Piggly Wiggly (price-matched at WM)

    If I price-match at Target, Publix, and Costco, it is because they are 50+ miles from me. Kroger is 25 miles, so I just price-match at WM.

    All the places I actually shopped are in a four-mile stretch. Aldi's has no electric cart. Hoppers and Piggly Wiggly are too far to drive for deals.

    1. We're heading to WinnDixie to get red sweet peppers and Vidalia onions while the gettin' is good.

      But I'm too pooped to walk to the damn car.

    2. Lotta joy,
      Hey, I know the feeling! I should get some red peppers, too. But I will have to dehydrate something before I can get anything in the refrigerator.

    3. Well, I went to WinnDixie and at $1.59 EACH, I got two red peppers. Man, am I prepared for months to come!!!

      And not one vidalia onion in sight.

    4. lotta joy,
      Oh my gosh! That is so expensive! Yes, you are really You can eat one half-inch strip of red peppers each week for several months. I suppose Stud will just have to watch you eat it.

      Would you say you live in a red pepper desert? Are there any farmer's markets around?

  3. Well, I live in the midst of the "Cult of Costco." Not a lot of grocery stores here in my part of the PNW. Our best deals tend to be from a drugstore chain. (Bartell 's) But at a local butcher had local 80/20 ground beef for $1.99/lb. with a 50 pound minimum purchase. (In one pound packs.) We bought 50 pounds. Aldso found 14.5 oz. cans of diced tomatoes at the nearest "Hy -top "brand supermarket (12 miles away over the bridge) for 66 cents each. Not the best price ever, but we still bought 24 cans which are quite happy in the garage. Those will no doubt become home canned salsa when bell peppers are on sale at 2/$1.00. Meanwhile, there they sit!

    1. Meg,
      That is amazing that you don't have more grocery stores. I only named some of the ones in this town. Plus, Birmingham and Huntsville have many more and a Costco.

      That seems like a good deal on the ground beef. Diced tomatoes are about $1/can here. I rarely buy canned tomatoes since food banks give them out all the time.

      That is the same price I paid for bell peppers--$0.50 each.

  4. I'm in Idaho so I'm going to Cash & Carry for most bulk items.Asian foods were on sale so I picked up hosin and fish sauce for under $2.00 for good size bottles. I pound of butter for $1.79 got 4 total.
    Albertson's had some super deals this week I got a 12 double roll package of good toilet paper and a 8 pack of paper towels for $2.99 each with an in store coupon. A mega pack of asst. pork chops for $1.29 per pound.

  5. My adventure,
    Those pork chop and butter prices are fantastic. The other things I don't buy, but do believe you got a great price. Doesn't it feel good to get the most for your money?


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