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Friday, September 27, 2013

Overnight: Beauty and the Beast and Moolah

spider lilies
Lycoris radiata
These always spring up overnight.

I tell you I am easily thrilled, easily pleased. Cheap thrills, that's me, a cheap date. Free works for me.

fire ants on the bottom step
I noticed the fire ants are going into a crack and spreading up the steps. So, I can get fire ants in the house--just what I need. NOT.

$5 check for my first place showing
It is hard to say which of these three was the most surprising. Of course, flowers from nowhere, seemingly, is wonderful. I am trying not to step in the fire ants. I had to get fire ant killer and hope to cover it so the chickens won't eat the poison. They won't eat any ant, but the poison will probably taste good!  The mail box held one piece of mail. I had less than $1 when this arrived!
Some days, "a nickel looks as big as a wagon wheel." My neighbor used this phrase to describe her life during the Great Depression.  Have you ever felt that way?
Your turn
Do you love a cheap thrill? What cheap thrills have come into your life?


  1. Hey, you've got to learn how to write EXCITING posts and FUN ADVENTURES where your fire ants are concerned! Then put up some photos of sunsets! Imagination is the mother of blogging. Fantasy works too. heh heh

    OR, pour gasoline on the fire ants. Set fire to them then chase them inside your house. You can get rid of rats, fire ants, and maybe get a new house out of the insurance! Take photos and get awards for your photography!!

    well. . . l tried.

  2. lotta joy,
    You just come over here and do this yourself! lol So, I am boring. So be it. Cheap date. Boring blogger. My ego needed that.

    Well, I never thought of burning the rats out. If I could bend over or squat, I would get better flower shots. They might be exciting to some people.

    Imagination can border on lying, don't you think? So, I will stay honest and, unfortunately, boring.

    I cannot publish my fantasies because I would like to keep this blog at least R rated. I know others can; I cannot. @#$%&

    My own adventures are boring unless I embellish.

    Thanks for dropping by. Okay, what cheap thrill of yours were you going to tell me?

    1. Have you ever thought of running around your yard naked and having photos?

      Hey, I plead the fifth here, but I love you more than I love my luggage! (quote from STEEL MAGNOLIAS)

  3. I am visiting from lotta joy's house of fun.
    I too am a lover of cheap thrills. Small things for small minds or some such thing. It works for me.
    And my biggest (and far and away most expensive) thrill was swimming in Antarctica. This is a memory I will hug to myself forever.

    1. Elephants,
      Wow, and what were you doing in Antarctica? That is one wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing that.

      Yes, I am into cheap thrills. But, I don't think we have small

    2. After my mother died I had the choice to use my inheritance in a sensible way - or to do something I had always dreamed of and not thought possible. Antarctica won.

    3. EC,
      I think you made a wise choice. More people should follow a dream. I am sure your mother would have approved. Do you have a blog with pictures or a narrative? Thanks for sharing.

    4. If you search under the headings Memories at my blog you will find pictures and story - and sorry for taking up so much of your post.

    5. EC,
      Thanks. Don't worry about taking up so much of the post. It's not like you are standing in the way of thousands of other people who are trying to reach me. I am glad you are here.

  4. My life suddenly sounds so uneventful! lol Lots of surprises were in store for you. a) The lilies are stunning. I don't think they were a cheap thrill. :-) They're beautiful. b) We don't have fire ants here. c) What a lovely surprise when you're on your last dollar!

    My cheap thrill right now is watching my chickens strut by my bedroom window. lol The next will be enjoying having one for Christmas dinner!

    1. Sue said: " The next will be enjoying having one for Christmas dinner!"

      I hope you mean AS A GUEST. Right?

    2. Sue,
      I understand your cheap I hope the chickens did not hear you.

    3. Sure, lotta joy, as a guest.

      The chickens did not hear. They can't read yet. ;-)

    4. Sue,
      From the way you are talking, the chickens won't have time to learn to read.

  5. HEY! Isn't stealing readers illegal in some parts of Canada??????

    Maybe Australia? You're heading across national boundaries here!!

    Elephant and Sue: perfect examples of perfect blogger friends.

    Oh....and you too Linda. *hiccup*

    1. lotta joy,
      I don't have enough readers to succumb to the purloin of one. Who stole a reader? Mine?

      Thanks, lotta. Perfect recovery.


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