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Monday, September 16, 2013

Confederate Rose

Confederate Rose
Hibiscus mutabilis
or, cotton rosemallow

I plucked this from a bush/tree about 15 feet high and very wide. Hopefully, I will have free plants if I can propagate this.  This branch/flower is going limp. Today, I will try and root various parts of this.
The flowers are white in the morning, pink at midday, and dark pink at night. This flower is between the light pink and dark pink flowers that covered the tree.
I am in love.
Huge tree/bush
Blogger is just not cooperating this morning with font size of text placement! After I took a picture, I ripped off a low branch to take with me. This was on the side of the road and the old service station was not open for me to ask permission.
The wind started blowing, so the picture is not clear, and the flowers closed when they blew. You cannot really see how large they were on the plant.
Your turn
Has anyone had experience with this plant? I know it is a cross between hibiscus and something else.

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