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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hypothermia: How to Avoid, Recognize and Treat

Hypothermia can occur in temperatures of up to 60 F. Beware!


  1. Linda, I'm chuckling ..... You certainly must have yourself busy with a "Rat killing of your own" to be posting about hypothermia!!!!! We have PERFECT weather here 80s in the day 60s at night. I know that you will have tales to tell!

  2. Janet,
    LOL...just wait. That is perfect weather. Just wait until you hear.

    I thought this was good information to have. Some of it I did not know. And, it took little effort from me in my rat crisis.

  3. That's good information, but I, personally, don't need to worry about hypothermia because my hot flashes keep me so warm.


    1. Janie,
      I have been hot since I was a teen. But, we can succumb to I understand the hotness. It has nothing to do with hot flashes for me. We are a warm family--father was, I am, kids were and are, so are grandkids.

      I have a friend who was always cold. Even in the summer if she stayed outside at my house, I had to fetch a blanket for her. Now, she said she is never cold since she has hot flashes all the time.


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