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Sunday, September 1, 2013

I Relish a Relish Deal

Add a can of tuna for a delicious sandwich.

This week at the grocery that doubles coupons, Mt. Olive 16 oz. pickles and relishes were 2/$3.00.  had two coupons. The 16 oz. relishes were regularly $2.45. I had a $.50 coupon.
I bought the larger sweet relish using a coupon. They allowed me to get two 8 oz. dill relishes since they were out.
The 32 ounces above (2/$3) were my purchases using coupons.
2 $.50 coupons were doubled to make 2 x $1=$2.
$3 minus $2= $1 for my purchase above.
Original price=$4.90 for 32 oz.
Sale price=$3 for 32 oz.
Savings: $3.90
My final price (for all three jars, 32 oz.)=$$1.09

$.94 - $.75 coupon=$.19
Toothpaste for $.19 cents is almost as good as free! Usually, toothpaste is free for me.
Your turn
Have you been able to use this relish coupon that was in a paper insert? What is your best deal lately? 


  1. Whenever I have a coupon, I either need to buy two that I don't want, or I leave the coupon at the house.

    1. I can always use two of anything. I just save it until I need it. I hate the leaving the coupon home bit. grrr

      Remember, I supply three children and four grandchildren and exbf with free toothpaste and free toothbrushes.

  2. I actually don't buy relish. I usually have enough pickles in the big jar that I chop a pickle for chicken or tuna salad, and add finely chopped carrot and a little onion too. I probably should get some relish.
    I haven't bought anything on sale recently, or much for us at all. I am getting ready on the farm for Winter and I am stocking animal supplies, Vitamin B injections, Iron dextran injections for the elderly alpacas. I am trying to get ahead so that Winter's surprises don't leave me scrambling. I feel as if a bad Winter is coming.

    1. Jane,
      I chopped dill chips and sweet gherkins until recently. Chopping was including my fingers. When I discovered relish, I was set. I don't eat any pickles at all, so relish was good since no one in the house eats a pickle, ever.

      I like onion and carrots in tuna salad, too.

      Thelma is coughing. So, I need to find what she needs. Louise coughed sporadically. I wonder.

      I hope winter is not hard, but I am surely not counting on another mild winter.

    2. I have been using an Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid with Vitamin E added to chicken feed called "Kickin Chicken" The supplement is in feed stores and on Ebay and Amazon. I don't really use anything else on the chickens, although somewhere I have the drops which supposedly clear our their little lungs.

    3. What do you use to clear chicken lungs?

    4. I can honestly say that even with 100 chickens, I have never had one with a cough. Coughing in chickens can be many things.

      I focus on keeping them clean and well fed, and I use the "kickin chicken" to keep them healthy enough that they don't seem to catch respiratory things. Make sure their housing is clean and dry. (I have had a hen with a retained egg, and I have had a chicken with a distended stomach, and I have had chickens who were badly damaged by a fox attack, and survived it.)
      There is a product sold in most feed stores in an orange and yellow small box called "Vet RX". You place one or two drops of the oil on the chicken and like "Vicks for chickens" it helps mild issues. Buy at:

      This is another link with some low tech remedies:

      Lastly, chickens will sometimes cough when given table scraps to which they are allergic or to which they have developed mold after sitting outside in their cages. If you supplement them with table scraps, then hold off on this until the cough is gone.

      I use fedbendazole gel, a little on the opening of each beak every few months to kill parasites. (Also from feed store. This is very cheap from the Jeffers catalog) This works really well, and might be why I have not seen such issues.
      Good luck !

    5. Thanks, Jane. I have only had one other hen cough. She was doing poorly for a few days, and then recovered. She did this over and over for four years, about ever 6 months. I will check out these sites. She is just about over her coughing and sneezing. Thanks again.

  3. I Relish a Relish Deal

    Your title reminds me of when I was a girl. We had elderly friends that we actually called Grandpa and Grandpa Eddy. We had brought them some delicious egg custard..... and on our next visitation Grandma Eddy reported that she had eaten the custard with relish! I was horrified and puzzled to say the least! With relish was not a terminology that was familiar to me .... but now 55 years ago I still remember when I learned that phrase.!

    1. Janet,
      LOL, that gave me a good laugh. I remember phrases like that. I sat silently and asked myself, "WHY?"

      Good one...


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