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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


One of the funniest, most self-effacing bloggers around, lotta joy from the Witless Relocation Program, wrote a wonderful book, TREADWELL. While I have not read it yet, I have read excerpts which she posted on her blog. I was intrigued.  The copy is a gift for me from a friend.

This book will have to wait until Thursday. If I start reading tonight, I will get nothing done. Tomorrow, exbf will be here to help me and would not appreciate my reading the whole time. Considering my cataracts and the problems I have with low light, I am not sure how quickly TREADWELL will be read/devoured.

I made a cursory attempt to find the excerpts on her blog and was unsuccessful. Go by and see if you can locate the texts.

This is Joy's first book. It will be very successful. Promise!

Your turn
Have you read Treadwell?


  1. Linda, I am so glad it came ! Lotta Joy is a fantastic writer and this is a great book. I am so proud of her.

  2. Jane,
    I ordered Friday and received it today. I ordered from a locally owned bookstore and found information on publishing my book. I am gleaning the info from here and there.

    If the book is anything like the excerpts, I am in for a real treat. I am proud to know her.

  3. YAY!! When I was choosing the size font, I purposely choose 12 point. The largest they offered, for people like us. I have macular degeneration and every letter has so many lines around it, it's like reading through hair. Oh, I hope you love that book.

  4. lotta joy,
    Reading through the cataracts is like reading through snow or fog. Hair would be worse. I already know I will love the book. Then, I will get serious about publishing mine!

  5. I have occasionally read lotta joy's blog and loved it each time. She is a crack up! Thanks for posting about her book. I will look in to getting it!


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