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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

...and the doctor said....

Yoshino Cherry on a gray day

Today, a  miserable, chilly, rainy, glum day, I had a doctor's appointment. My urologist was a friend before I started using him. I have had a heavy feeling, pressure, where my bladder is located. Today's appointment was to investigate the problem.

That did not happen today, just made another appointment to have it done. About 15 or 20 years ago, the doctor discovered a large kidney stone, still lodged in the calyx. He said it might remain there for the rest of my life. He said that happens, that it was not a problem and might never be a problem.

Keep your fingers crossed.

I will have a sonogram of my kidney. He will look inside my bladder to see what might be there. It sounds like a fun time. Right? I wanted to improve my social life. So, here we go. May 1 will be the day. Fortunately, it is an afternoon appointment and exbf will drive me there. I can drive myself, but I will be soooo nervous. Maybe I will just be brave and go alone.

Why am I so nervous over two quite simple procedures, neither of which will hurt or will require any mind changing pain relief?  Because he said the word. . . 

"When I hear you say there is blood in your urine, I need to investigate because it might be CANCER."
I explained that the blood stain might not have been from my bladder. He smiled. He is so nice, so nice! Believe me, I am all for finding out what IS causing this pressure. I just hope it is not cancer or my fatness.
Well, that was my lovely day. The hens did not get out until 4 pm. They were thrilled. They had dry oats and ham for breakfast. 

snack time
Now, they can see better. I think that's why chickens go to bed before dark--poor eyesight. LOL I always chop their carrot so they won't use so much energy trying to peck it apart. They will eat a whole carrot if it is chopped. Otherwise, half the carrot is left.
Your turn
Has anyone had this examination of the interior of the bladder done? Does the "C" word strike terror in your heart? 


  1. I will be keeping you in my thoughts, as you know I am battling cancer right now. Many times though while they have to check it to rule it out, it turns out to be something else so try not to worry unitl all the tests come back and you have results of what IS going on. You will be relieved when they rule out cancer and it is something far simpler to deal with. Keep us posted, will be thinking of you!

    1. I do keep up with your progress. Both my parents died of cancer, so it strikes fear in my heart, especially since I have no one to even be with me in the hospital or at home. This time last year, I had tests that showed I had no cancer anywhere, so I am hoping that still holds true.

  2. I'm SO woozy. The pain was getting bad, but I started getting scared of getting 'hooked' and was refusing another pill - but Joe thankfully shoved one down my throat.

    When I was in the hospital about 5 years ago due to pneumonia, diabetes, and pancreatitis, I was also peeing blood.

    How many things can one woman have going wrong at the same time!!!

    I don't know if it was because I had been already put through the wringer, but the urologist couldn't get the cath in me without FORCING it: which led to screams and much blood.

    Mine is not normal. If yours IS, there will be no pain involved.

    My urethra is miniscule. So he had to stretch it with some kind of 'french' catheter so he could get TO my bladder.

    Having said that, the ONLY pain was from him trying to stretch me when I was awake.

    He knocked me out for the procedure itself, because he was going to have to stretch me even MORE.

    But where the procedure itself was concerned, there was ZERO after-pain.

    Found out I have a bladder full of permanent cysts which was causing the blood and the "bowling ball" feeling.

    Did I help or scare the crap out of you?

  3. My husband also has a stone happily lodged in the calyx of one kidney. He is happy not to have been challenged with continuous painful stones like his brothers. It does mean that they need to check him every couple of years to ensure that the kidney is functioning as expected.
    Cancer is not the only thing which strikes terror for me.....everything does now, including the word, COPAY !

    1. I never thought anything about the kidney not functioning as it should! hmmmm

      COPAY is why I have not had health tests done. However, I don't think I have neglected myself so far. Actually, every test has shown no problem since I turned 65.

      The lump in my breast (actually lymph node almost under arm) is just inflammation. "just" Since constant inflammation can turn into cancer, I need to jack up the doctor on this issue...maybe tomorrow would be a good day.

    2. Plus, the lymph node is VERY painful.

  4. Linda I will keep you in my prayers. Please let us know what the tests show.

  5. I obviously deleted someone's post! Sorry. Post again, please.

  6. Good luck with the tests! i hope everything turns out ok!

  7. I have my fingers crossed for you! Cancer is indeed a terrifying word.

  8. Janet, Wendy, Jessnhalinda,
    Luck and crossed fingers are just what I need. Thanks, all.


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