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Friday, April 26, 2013

Chicken ER, Crazy Lady, New Flower

Moments after I discovered it. Dead.
The other two chicks were standing on it and tromping around.  I wrapped it up and gently poked its chest to make it breathe and maybe get the heart going. I could not get its beak open to breathe in its mouth. I put a hand warmer in toilet paper and wrapped it up. Then, I put it in the oven in a pot, sort of an incubator. I guess it really is dead for good. I had read about a frozen hen coming back to life. It appears that will not happen here.
I felt guilty. But, this is the largest chick! The little puff that has a body no larger than a golf ball is alive. So, I am not sure if this one died because it was cold or what. sigh Okay, 30 minutes later, and no resurrection. So, I did lose one chick.

his shirt
A woman at the grocery store became angry because she was told she had to take the dog she placed in the baby seat of a grocery cart out of the cart and out of the store. She threw a screaming fit, threatened the employees and the store and broke the door on the way out. Crazy!

pink iris
The area behind the iris is what was once my carport. This is the first year this color has bloomed.

lavender iris
This iris was here when I moved here in 1977. The pink was some I acquired a few years ago from a friend. Now, I need yellow. I got yellow from a friend, but they died.  Next, I want white if I can dig them or someone will share. 


  1. I have white and would love some pink... not in GA are you? Angela

  2. The baby chicks really need the heat of a heat lamp or momma hen for the first few weeks. Once they get the slightest chill its hard to keep them alive. Warmth is as important as food and water. Do you have some type lamp you can place their box under? So sorry you lost your biggest chick and wishing you the best with your others.

    1. Peggy,
      I have a lamp clamped to a floor lamp so that it is toward their box. I raised ten with a piano lamp pointed toward the box. I don't think heat or lack of heat was the problem. Hopefully, these two will survive me! What I really need is a plastic box to place this tiny box in. That plastic box is a great insulator. Exbf has it at his house, he says. I don't remember asking him to store I hear happy peeps. Thanks.

  3. As crazy as this may sound; regarding the attempt to revive the chick, I may have a recommendation for next time...should it ever happen again (hopefully not). I recall a story about a mother giving birth to a still born child; all attempts to revive the child failed. It is either later in the day or the following day, the family wished to pay final respects for the child, and the parents were led to where they kept the child in a refrigeration area/room.

    As the family members were there, one began to take pictures/photos, and one member notice a twitch when the flash bulb went off, and another one the second flash. I don't remember the following sequences, but the baby regained consciousness upon further stimulation and resuscitation. I believe the flash was the trick. The flash sends a EMP; a pulse of electro magnetic energy (hence, the pulse) which somehow affected the baby by electro-chemical an slight electronic shock but through the air.

    So, anyway; if you happen to have an old camera laying around with flash bulbs or thyristor flash unit...this may do the trick to revive a once dead chicken.

    1. I don't have an old type flash bulb-using camera. Do you think the newer flash would work? What else would give off an emp? Thanks.


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