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Saturday, April 6, 2013


There are several projects around here that will not be done if I have to pay one penny for assistance. I do have to buy four screws. All the tools, sandpaper, and paint are here from other projects. I went to one yard sale today, and found something I must fix. One project is preventing further decay. Another involves trash picking and reusing a table top. The other is from the market today.

Yard sale towels

two thick towels

I saw the pink towel first. Nothing was priced at this yard sale, so I had to ask. $1 is good. Nothing priced puts me in a bad mood! She offered there was a really pretty one and showed me the white one, saying it was $2. No, it is not pretty. She kept insisting. Finally, annoyed at no prices, I told her that the pink was the prettiest. I did not say the white one had ugly fabric on it. Believe me, this fabric is not pretty in person. Plus, it is very stiff and has pleats.
"I'll give you $2 for both of them."
"Well, that's better than nothing."
I paid her, thanked her, tossed them in the trunk and left. The pink one has been used and has a stain that most likely will come off. The white one has never been washed and was made in Canada. There was a heavy, paper tag that had never  been wet.
Both need washing. The material will be taken off the white one.
Price: $2

I was cruising for trash and found a 48 inch table. The woman who cleaned house at the location brought it to me for $5. But, she would not take the money. I pevailed; she took the money. The table top was absolutely falling apart, so exbf and I managed to rip it off and stuff it in the trash. It was crumbling and water laden...yuck...and moldy. Table legs always come in handy. I have had these for about two years.
At least 20 years ago, and maybe more, I bought this table for $10 at a yard sale. Right now, this top is lying on the ground, minus the legs that eventually gave way. The legs were just wide pieces of aluminum, flat and shaped to fit under the edge of the top, curve in to the center where the umbrella could fit, and then curve outward to the ground. Last summer, someone put something heavy on one side instead of centering it and the legs were irrevocably bent.
The legs went to the recycling place along with coke cans. I let the top fall on the ground and KILLED grass. Ack!
Since I know the Pythagorean Theorem, I can determine where on here to put the legs. And, I have a square. I will mark this to get it right, but may need someone else to put the screws in or at least drill the screw holes so I can attach legs to top. Yes, I know a string would help me to get the legs on square--no math needed. But, honestly, how many times does a person ever get to use the Pythagorean Theorem when she is not in a field that is math-y?
All that this needs is top sanded and painted and the legs attached.
Price: Free

The back of the grill is rusted. Okay, I noticed more of the grill is rusted. Silly me bought grill paint several years ago, the kind for high temperatures. I don't think I need it for this, but I will use it. Now, I wonder if the gas tank needs painting. Will rust make that leak?

 This wasp attached to the drop-down table on the front of the grill needs to go.

Other than the dirty window, you probably don't know what this project entails. Right? Well, it is the window on the grill lid/top. If there is a remote chance one drop of rain, one tiny drop of rain will fall, I cannot use the grill! If a drop of rain contacts the hot glass, the glass will break. I was considering selling this one and getting another. Of course, I cannot afford another grill.

One day, it hit me: replace the glass with metal. I felt so happy and smart, really late smart after fretting over this window for over 20 years. I can even put foil over the window until then. Did you ever feel really dense when a solution just came like an epiphany and smacked you in the head?

Cost: nothing going forward since the paint was bought a long time ago.

Tomato Plants
 Tomato plants (5 inch tall) at the market were only $0.50. At Lowe's they were $2.98. These should have gone in the ground today. But, they are in the car after their hour in the sun. There is always tomorrow.

These four projects are on my plate. Right now, I will wash the towels. tomorrow, I will put the tomatoes in five gallon buckets. The rest? We will see.

Your turn
Did you go yard saling today and find treasures? Transplant or plant anything? Found anything trash-picking? Have a project to refurbish something (grill) so it will last longer and look nice?

Cost: 2 x $0.50=$1.00


  1. I didn't garage sale, but I drove a distance to get some VERY reasonable small oriental rugs from Craig's list, for my daughter who was working her second job yesterday. What a great buy !

    1. Jane,
      That sounds like a pleasant and worthy way to spend part of Saturday. If I had driven, I would have stopped at yard sales on the way back. LOL Plus, it is always nice to get something at a reasonable price.

  2. Looks like some nice Spring projects for your to do list. Here, I have a very old, (received thrid hand) round, steel umbrella table that needs to be scrapped down and repainted, this time in black. I have a market umbrella (received second hand)that I mended the canvas of, but alas, lost the pin that holds it up, last year as I brought it down before a hurricane. I suppose that a screw will work. I had invested in a new stand base last year. I have free plastic chairs to sit in for this picnic set. Perfect. So for the cost of a screw, paint already purchased, we'll have a picnic set. I also have some Adirondack chairs custom made by my carpenter uncle for me ( paid for them) that need to be painted. Paint on hand. I need to have an umbrella stype clothesline reinstalled (taken out by the aforementioned hurricane), wood stacked, etc. Yard clean up. Pots to plant. Busy time of year!

    1. CT Mom,
      These projects are just the beginning and on my mind. I have larger ones! The cost of a screw is a good price! I suppose recovering from hurricane damage will be on lots of minds. Thankfully, none of your projects sound expensive, either.


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