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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Curb Shopping: Cokes

Are they good?
6 packs out of 100 on curb
I am all for cheap Cokes, but these may be for soaking cast iron. The expiration date is Sept 2012. YUCK!
When exbf was here last week, he said it looked to neat for garbage. The bottle sort of shone in the sun. They have lots of oak pollen.
After he left, I jumped in the car and drove over. Now, there was a decision to make: get them or leave them. There were stack after neat stack of these in three boxes.
Your turn
Am I nuts? Going overboard? Has anyone ever found Cokes on the curb?


  1. That's very strange. I only find toilets on the curb.


    1. Janie,
      LOL.. toilets may be of more use than the Cokes.

  2. Cokes ruin fairly easy and don't have a long shelf life. When I worked retail as a store manager the Pepsi, Coke guys were always watching the dates and replacing as needed. I have bought 2 liters before that were stacked in a window of a store that were bad. You can taste it immediately if they are.

    1. Mamma Bear,
      Diet Cokes ruin faster. I have gotten Diet Cokes that ruined in a store window before the expiration date. I will use these as rust remover if they are bad. Thanks for the perspective of a retail store manaers.

  3. I say taste them. I found some a store had set out and most all were still good and only a couple bad. Just keep them and open one at a time when you need or want one and see what they taste like. You will know.

    1. Peggy,
      Good idea. I won't throw them all away if one is bad. I rarely drink Coke, Just Diet Coke Caffeine Free. But, this will do for the occasional splurge.

  4. I refuse to buy cokes that have been sitting in the sun, on the sidewalk, at convenience stores. The heat causes the plastic to leech chemicals into the coke. You might want to use them as toilet and drain cleaners though. They're great for that after the expiration date.

  5. lotta joy,
    I, also, refuse to buy chemical Coke. These came from her cool house to my cool house with only a few hours outdoors on a not-so-warm day. However, using them to finish the cast iron was in my head once I saw the expiration date. I will probably refrigerate one and see how it tastes. Thanks.


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