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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Chicks in the House

three new ones
Today, I had the occasion to go out in the country near the place where I get chicks. They are cheap, only $1. I could not resist. However, I have no idea the sex. In the feed store, the same chicks would be $3. I am cheap. Plus, these have not been vaccinated. That's a plus.

When I came home, I left them in the car for about 30 minutes, knowing they would be warm but not too hot. I could not resist showing them to Thelma and Lucy. So, I put them on the grass in the path right outside the pen. Thelma turned her head from side to side, like the way a dog turns its head when puzzled. Lucy just ran around like tigers were outside her pen.

The next thing I knew, the odd cluster of three chicks were sitting facing three different directions with their tails smashed up together, a three headed chick of sorts. After I ran to get my camera, they had separated a little bit as you can see in the picture.

I left them on the porch with the box open. It was 72 degrees and windy. They survived an hour out there. They were walking around a bit, but maybe too cold, but not in the wind at all.

When I brought them into the house and was getting ready for them to be warm, I realized the piano lamp I used before is not here to use. Here is what they ended up having for a home.
lots of stuff in a tiny box
First, I put paper in the box. Mine never slipped on newspaper before, so I am trusting this time I will
be so fortunate. Then, I taped a hand warmer on the left wall. They were huddled under the hand warmer, just above the left corner. Then, I looked at them and one was done, on its side but still kicking, not able to stand. I put the two jars of very hot water in their box and they got between the bottles. Finally, out of desperation, I put some foil under my flashlight and placed it in the box. Now, you can see where all three are squashed together in front of the light. So, I suppose they will live.
They have a pimiento jar for water. Oats are in a sour cream lid. I bought chick food from the boy who helped me. It was in the car, so oats will work for one night.
These chicks were hatched on March 12. If I bought hens instead of roosters, I will have eggs every day next winter. Thelma did not lay for about a month last winter. Lucy and Thelma give me more than enough eggs now. But, come winter, Thelma will stop. I don't know about Lucy. When I got Thelma and her now dead sisters, the four laid all winter, rarely missing a day.
In March 2009, I bought 10 chicks so I would have at least for hens. I had 8 hens and 2 roosters. I gave away the roosters and four hens, leaving me with the four I wanted. Just watch, I will have three roosters because I did not plan for them and buy lots of chicks.

I only need four hens for an abundance of eggs. There is only me to eat them. I do give them to people.
taken at checkout counter
At the Dutch Oven Bakery, next to their house, I had a sandwich.

part of the farm where they formerly lived
a freezer converted to a brooder
The door has been replaced with hinged doors with mesh doors underneath. Needless to say, it is plenty warm. It stays on their carport.

inside the brooder, trying to escape us
I asked lots of questions. Last time I was there, the partition was not present. They partitioned the space because they had used the incubator to hatch eggs for someone else.
They are alive and noisy.

Your turn
Raise your hand if you love chicks.



  1. They're very cute. Keeping my fingers crossed that they're all girls!

    1. Wendy,
      I have girl names for them. It just so happens the names can quickly converted to boy names. Stay tuned.

  2. I love chicks. Which is why I have 25 chickens and more eggs than customers LOL

    1. Patty,
      I cannot push my luck with lots of chickens here in the city. I would love to have 25 chickens! I have no customers but give eggs to people who do favors for me(give me produce or take my garbage to the road).

      Patty and Linda love chicks!

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhh, babies!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyy for you!!!

  4. That's not enough heat, and oats will choke a baby.

    1. Jan,
      Oh! They only had to bear it one night. I bought a new light fixture in the morning. I use a tiny box to help hold heat. And, oats have never choked my chicks. I must have gotten lucky. I never knew that. My last ten chicks did not die. I just saw this, here on the 29th. And, they have eaten oats for three days along with their chick feed and cornmeal. hmmmm

  5. just a quick word to let you know I stopped by to check on you and see what you were up too! your friend, the rat


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