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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Houston, we have a problem.

The hose repair kit has failed

You just know I am parsimonious. There are some things I do not want to spend my money buying. I will not replace an expensive hose just because it has a hole. I will repair it cheaply. Hardware stores carry a fix for a hole in the hose. The fix failed.

The problem: the salesman who was going to help me. So, here is the story. Boring? But, I expect it is a too common problem.
This was a very expensive hose bought about 25 years ago. It was in great condition until I regularly had to ask a friend to move it for me because I could not manage the weight. He left it with huge kinks and said I was picky when I asked him NOT to leave it kinked so. Of course, when I turned on the hose, I got no water because of several kinks.
Finally, it spurted from the broken places that had been kinked over and over again by the same person. I went to Lowe's and bought the repair piece that goes into the hose.  I asked a friend to put in the hose repair piece. First, you cut the hole out by slicing in two places and removing a section of hose. Yes, you will lose a couple of inches, but the repair makes it about an inch lost. A hose clamp on each side of the brassy looking piece kept it all in place. The brassy looking fix has a piece that fits into each piece of the hose. The hose clamp is suppose to be put on to tighten on the the piece stuck into the hose. Clear as mud?
One of the hose clamps  somehow slipped off. Well, the water stayed on for two days several weeks ago, not leaking from the nozzle, so I suppose it just blew it loose with all the pressure from the water. Yes, I caught the fail and turned off the water.
I went to Lowe's with a question about the fix. With my eyesight I thought there was a square hole instead of a slot or Phillips head on the hose-clamp screw. I needed to figure out how to unscrew the clamp with the strange square looking hole. I forgot to take the hose clamp to Lowe's/. grrrr. I just went to see what kind of tool I needed and forgot to take the piece. The man said to just throw away the old repair part and get a new one. When I tried to ask him about the clamp screw, he said to just throw hose clamp away and buy a new hose clamp. He tried to lead me to the repair kits and then was going to locate the hose clamp I needed...sigh. He kept insisting that I buy something new, something I did not think I needed. Finally, I just told him I would decide at home...sigh sigh sigh
There are hose clamps in my toolbox! I do not need to be shown how to buy new, overpriced clamps. Can you see the hose clamp on the right side of the hose? I just stuck it back on for the picture and then brought it inside. Can you see how the hose is smaller in diameter on that right side?
There were other things I really needed, so I just shopped, relieved to leave his persistence behind. He was abrupt with me, never let me finish a sentence, and dismissed what I did get out of my mouth. "Just buy a new one. Don't mess with fixing it, just get a new one. Throw that one away. You don't need a broken hose repair kit on your hose."
Folks, you gotta know I have no problems saying my piece. But, this guy was not going to help me at all or listen, so I scooted away.
Back at home, I got the hose clamp in the light. Lo and behold, it uses a slot screwdriver/straight one. I was seeing the recessed place that contained the screw! These cataracts must go!
I still cannot shove the brassy part into the hose. The hose got smaller when it was clamped. So, I believe that another two inches of hose are going to be lost. That is not a problem since I have two 50 ft hoses joined for 100 feet, more than enough to do what I need to do.
Every time I go back and see that guy, I just smile and go fast to get by him before he tries to sell me more things I don't need. It's not like he works on commission!
Whew! It was so difficult not to spend another $6. My willpower was not the problem!  It was almost futile to try to resist this guy.
But, I did.
Your turn
Have you ever had to escape someone who is trying to sell you more than you want or need? 


  1. I escape being sold more than I need most of the time. Times are tough and storeowners and employees seek to move product. Few act in our interest. Many times there is a cheaper and adequate alternative. The only time I went with the recommendation was with the lightning abatement contractor. I had done my research after a family member had been struck by lightning, and their plan for abatement made sense.

  2. Your "friend" who wouldn't unkink your hose reminds me of how much I hate to ask for help. I give you credit because not many people would even try to repair a 25 year old hose.

    1. Snowbrush,
      Only the fact that I could not pull the heavy hose caused me to ask for help. He managed to ruin more stuff of mine. I bought the most expensive hose on the (Seriously, I was impressed with the advertised durability)There is absolutely nothing wrong with it except the kink breaks. Only one kink is leaking. So, it just made sense to keep it until it was no longer doing its job. When the day comes it must be replaced, I will keep it for other uses. My name, "Practical Parsimony," is a very apt description of my attitude. Thanks for your understanding and praise.

  3. Jane,
    I usually escape, too. I thought I was going to have to purchase something to shut him up and stop him from following me and sneak back and return it. He was definitely disgusted I did not take his advice. I would probably trust that contractor since he held life and death in his hands. Some people and for some situations, I go with the person giving advice, especially if I have personal knowledge or have done research.


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