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Monday, October 29, 2012

What was I thinking? Sewing Room Decluttering

okay, not as bad as I thought

As I unfurled the piece of fabric on top of the leopard print, I caught my breath.  What was I thinking??? But, it was okay. The fabric was something I had forgotten, a flow-y, crepe piece I bought for a skirt. With black tights or leggings and black blouse or something on top, it will be beautiful. Did you ever come across something put back, not remember it and become alarmed for half a second? The print i a very small leapard spot! Whew, it could be worse.
I have coppery earrings to wear with this--one of a kind earrings I designed myself and commissioned someone to make. Yes, I could afford things like that, once upon a time.

more skirt fabric

As I lay these aside, I was struck with the composition. The red and black houndstooth check is less than 1.4 inch. The polka dot is a pin dot, barely visible from ten feet away. Do you think these all are classics, not liable to go out of style anytime soon? I do. Maybe you don't. I will wear s black top with the red/black houndstooth and red top with the polka dot or maybe yellow sometimes.
I have never had any kind of animal fabric print before. This is not large and I promise I won't buy anything else. If I were to break down and buy another print, I certainly would not wear it with this!
So, now you know how my taste ran ten years ago. It is the same now. I bought all this on sale, getting enough for two ankle-length skirts of each print in case something happened to one, I could make another. All three of these will need a lining or a slip. I usually just make an A-line slip that can be worn elsewhere. These all three need different colors. The houndstooth need red to make the red less muddy in the skirt. I will wear black under the polka dot and probably beige under the leopard print. Do you wear animal prints?
As I sort through all this material, I have to shake out dead bumble bees. The neighbor catty-cornered from me insists on mowing the street and threw a rock into the window, a poured window that is 112-years-old.  I found a thousand dead bumble bees all over my sewing room! I am not kidding. Since they flew through the broken window pane and ten plus years have passed, I now shake bumblebee parts from the fabric.
Found also is plenty of material for tp if I cut them up and use once and toss them. If I don't have electricity, I won't be saving them to wash. I may serge them all on the off-chance I want to wash and reuse. If it were long, long term power outage, yes, I would be washing the cloth tp. There are also scraps for a rag bag. The only fabric I will dispose of is fabric I hate now but is not suitable for any other use. I will sell, donate to thrift store, or give to an individual.
After I injured myself and could not sew, I regularly bought fabric just like I always have, a piece her and a piece or ten there until I came to my senses! Have you ever bought fabric and gotten ahead of yourself on supply? Since then, I did buy chicken fabric for napkins. As I typed chickens, one said something to me, wanting food, I suppose, She is on the porch and continually begging, so I have to go.

Your turn
How is your fabric stash? Have you ever bought fabric (or wood/whatever or you guys) and realized that you need to stop? Do you like or not like my tastes? you don't, no problem.


  1. LOL BTDT! I decided to stop buying things quite a while ago. I try to use up my stash and make modest dresses for little girls. Now my only daughter is grown and not interested in anything I sew I try to give away dresses to other little girls. One problem I have is people keep giving me fabric when they clean out their stashes LOL

  2. Patti,
    Oh, no! You get material from other buyers of too much material. That's funny. Like you, will never get ahead of decluttering and sewing it up. My daughter is 42 and still would take anything I sewed for her. It is nice you sew and give the things away. The little girls and their children surely enjoy them. Not many people give me fabric, not now, and only very little in my life. I get trunks of books instead.

  3. It's got to be the cooler weather: Four years ago I started a quilt. When we moved, I put the cloth in a long "SEAL A MEAL" bag and sucked all the air out of it.

    Today I pulled it out of the closet, cut the plastic, listened to the "whoosh" and took the quilt and fabric out. I was shocked to see all the fabric I had bought so long ago.

    Now I'm wanting to restart the quilt, but I know I won't get more than two squares into it before I get my back and hips in pain again.

    1. lotta joy,
      I could store so much more if I had a "seal a meal." just kidding. So far, all my material is what I want to save. Surely, as exbf brings more to me, I will find some I don't want. In my head I can see several pieces of knits that have to go.

      Good luck with quilt and pain. Maybe one last push will see it finished. Good luck. Let us know about your progress.

  4. I look at the wonderful fabrics and notions in my local fabric store imagining what fun projects could be made with them, but I made a pact with myself to use up what I have first. Hahaha! That could take years!

  5. There is a local quilting group that makes charity quilts to give to the organizations like the women's shelter or after disasters. That is one place to give fabrics or quilt tops made out of scrap fabric. I'm sure groups like this are everywhere. I have helped them do the tie quilts (my skill level :-)

  6. Patti,
    I will keep that in mind and ask around. Somebody has to tie. Good for you.


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