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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cooking Oil Comparison Chart

Cooking Oils Compared
cooking oil comparison chart
It is so confusing, trying to sort the grain from the chaff, truth from myth, in many concepts in this life. Every time I figure out which oil is best for me, the rules change. So this Cooking Oil Comparison Chart  may give me a clue.
At the moment I use canola. Actually, I use very little oil.  Do not jump on me! NOW, in the last few years since I bought the canola oil, I heard it is not good for me. grrrr I bought this on sale several years ago. It is all stored in the refrigerator. Maybe there are two more 48 ounce bottles in the refrigerator and one on the shelf. I will use it up. Before that event I have time to make a decision.
I am not sure how I feel about lots of the facts on the chart, but it is food for thought. Some days, I feel betrayed when I hear something is best for me, then in a turn it is not!
Olive oil is also in my cabinet, often used. I decanted a gallon to dark green jars, stored in the refrigerator.
Your turn
What kinds of oils do you use? Why?


  1. Bacon grease whenever possible- because it tastes delicious. Butter. Cold-pressed olive oil if I'm out of bacon grease. Lard for baking. Tallow for salves and candles.

  2. I save bacon fat and lard, use cold-pressed olive and never have tallow.

    One day, I decided to buy a can of lard. It was hydrogenated, so I put it back. Do you render your own lard? I know the answer is "yes."

    Do you use bear tallow?

    1. Yeah, there tends to be a lot of ingredients in most brands. I have rendered my own lard, but it's long gone so I'm stuck with store bought.

      I haven't done bear yet, but my understanding is that it's closer to lard than tallow, and excellent for medicinals. I am going to try it next time!

    2. Wendy,
      Can you buy lard that is not hydrogenated? That is interesting about the bear fat.

  3. I use olive oil and butter in very small amounts. I do this because my internist prefers it. She cites that Greek families, who use olive oil, have few cardiovascular issues. She likes butter because it enhances the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K. My cholesterol level on last trip to her was only 108.

  4. That is a good cholesterol reading. I know that a body needs oil on any green, leafy vegetable to access all the nutrients. However, I really love sitting to a big bowl of spinach and eating it raw...sigh. If I must put oil on it, I cannot eat it with my fingers and pretend it is popcorn or peanuts. I really prefer Country Crock on toast and in my oats, and I know I should use the butter that I use for everything else.

    The Thanksgiving/Christmas/NYE season is my time to use too much canola and butter! I bake!

    Thanks for including the information on soluble vitamins.

  5. In my cupboard...flax seeds to grind freshly each day for adding to smoothies.

    On the shelf for coconut oil.

    To the left of that for Italian olive oil.

    In my fridge for using in salad dressings...hemp oil.

    In a capsule I take every day...krill oil. And, for heaven sake don't smell it!

    And as a spread...butter. Because it tastes so darn good!

    Great post. Interesting comments.

    1. The doctor said to get the capsules or oil because I would have to eat way too many to get the benefits. ???

      I have never tried hemp oil and never seen it on shelves. I know nothing about krill. I prefer my Country Crock on toast, but on a bagel or a hot slice of chocolate pound cake, I prefer butter.

      It is interesting to hear what people I talk with eat. Krill? Got to look that up!

    2. Hi, Linda.
      When he said that, I think the doctor didn't consider the other nutrients (possibly some that haven't been discovered yet)from eating real food to get our nutrition. Though some things are more agreeable in a capsule :-) ... and more condensed.

      Hemp would be in the cooler at your grocer's if they carry it. Maybe the organic food section? It is fragile and needs to be kept cool.

      I forgot to mention that the reason for the oils I use (except the olive and butter) is that they help build myelin; something that my immune system sees as an allergin (a healthy body doesn't). It attacks and damages it. That's MS in a nutshell. So, I'm trying to build up stores every day.

      Have fun learning about krill oil.

    3. I agree about the whole food benefit. Maybe I can take a little ground flax along with the capsules. I need healthy myelin!

      My friend with MS seemed to take nothing, having a very fatalistic attitude. But, she may have done things to help herself that I was not aware of.

  6. Janet,
    I emailed you again just now. Tell me if you do not get it again, and I will put my face close to the screen to see if I type right!


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