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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Give Up

adjusting now
I have long prided myself on never using disposable anything!  However, not being able to stand for long, I finally gave in. I bought disposables. My life is a little less painful. Unloading the dishwasher takes me days. Loading it is a one-event push that puts me in bed or lying in my chair trembling with pain.
People ask me why I don't just quit cooking so I won't have so many dishes. Then, I would not have pots and pans to deal with or bowls or large spoons or iron skillets or pans. According to some others I should live on cereal, sandwiches, and prepackaged microwave meals.  Believe me, I have acquaintances younger than I who no longer cook, just eat junk.
I do use real plates when I eat meals. But, the sandwich, cookies, leftovers, snacks--all get a paper plate. When I feed my hens, I use a dirty paper plate to take their homemade food out to them.
This is being designated as a health issue on many fronts.
*less back pain
*less knee pain
*less shoulder pain
*possible to continue to eat healthier foods
*less stress about my lack of capabilities
Anyone understanding how hard this was for me to go through the mental gymnastics to start buying these when I am so philosophically opposed? Besides, it costs me more to live each month! It's only about another $7, but it hurts.
Why do I use so many? Cracks where window panes are loose allow flies into the house, so if a fly lands on a dish, I either have to wash it or throw away the disposables! I cannot get to the outside of the house up so high to fix it myself. So, I deal with breezes, summer and winter, plus flies and mosquitoes!
I refuse to take pain medication. My choice. If I do give in and take pain meds and overdo activities, then I have to deal with numbness, something that indicates more problems for spine and threatens my ability to walk normally or ever after surgery.
Okay, my name is Linda and I use disposable plates and plastic cups.
Later this week, I will tell you why I am not having surgery since people are emailing me about this.  finally admitted I cannot sew. This is hard. Sewing and intellectual pursuits define me.
Your turn
Have you ever used the easy way out because of your health? Next post--parsimony!


  1. I feel your pain on the paper plates!! I have always avoided disposable stuff too - we even used cloth T.P. (for #1 ONLY) for a time. We have cloth napkins, I rarely (like a couple of times a year) buy paper towels, I've used cloth diapers on the last four babies (they started giving Baby Man a rash though, so he is not in them now:(), I hate, hate, hate spending money on things are meant to be used ONCE and then thrown in the trash!! With all of that said we used disposable plates for most of the last year - we just didn't have the water to wash real plates, and then we didn't really have the space for them either......and it drove me nuts. Everytme I bought them I cringed, seriously - every.single.time. It was so hard for me to spen the money on them even though we really *needed* them. Anyway, now that we are moved and have a little more room we are back to using real plates.

    I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain:( If we lived closer you know that I would send Columbus over for a day to be your worker - he could get your to-do list under a little better control, and I'd make you something yummy for dinner.

    Back to the plates though - try not to feel bad about them. I know that is easier said than done, but sometimes in life paper plates are the way to go, and if they give you a better quality of life they are worth every single penny!!!

    1. Oh, I can imagine how ten children to feed and clean up after with no water would lead to paper plates. You really do understand my agony!

      Yes, they do give me a better quality of life/food. I never use tp...oh, the occassional napkin that arrives here or if IBS acts up, then I use my company tp.

      I desperately need a helper for a day! I have an exbf who helps me, but he is sort of helpless right now because he needs hip replacement and I would never ask him to climb a ladder at all. Hey, I could send home food with Columbus for And, I cook huge quantities all the time for freezing or just eating all week.

      Things meant to be used once are destroying the planet! And, it cost so much money.

      Poor baby! Diaper rash on a baby is hard on the whole family. Did you try rinsing in vinegar?

      I have used the paper plates and cups for several months and said I use no disposable, so I felt like I was lying, even though I was not deliberately being deceitful. They feel like a needed extension of me and my abilities right now.

      Thanks for the thoughtful response.

  2. I totally understand. For three years I was so sick, that going to work and taking care of my son was all I could most weeks.. I was deteriating so fast that I feared I would die before I got him raised. My husband was paralyzed by fear. So, I took every shortcut I could safely take while I saw doctor after doctor. Don't beat yourself up. I reduced my laundry by stretching time between washings where I could, I used disposable plates and napkins, I made fewer trips to the store, I left chores for days until someone else did them or I was up to doing them, I never washed my car or cleaned the driveway or the garage. I could go on for days. Take care of yourself.

    1. Patti,
      I am not going to die, but I do understand putting things off as long as possible. My white car is getting almost black from sitting in the dampness under several oaks. I guess it is mold on it.

      I wish I could work. I cannot imagine what I could do!

  3. Linda, I understand. Whenever possible I try to use regular plates and dishes. However, I have always stored disposables when they are on sale, for absolute emergencies. When the entire house is down with the flu, someone has strep throat, or when I am flat on my back, these items are used, and I really think this is the purpose for which they are designed. I think chronic pain is also a good reason to incorporate the need for disposables as they can be worked in, and as they make sense.
    I hope you find a management strategy for the pain which works better than the present plan. Very best wishes.

  4. I think there is a give and take in any situation. You'vedone far more than most! Toss the guilt out it only serves to make you feel worse. Like michelle I wish we lived closer! I'd gladly give you a hand for an afternoon now and then....why oh why is it always easier to clean for others?!?!?! LOL! Take care & be good to yourself

    1. Katidids,
      Yes, it is easy to clean for others because when it is somebody else's house, there are no magazines to relook through!

      I met a longtime friend/coworker the other day. She filled me in on her fabulous life and said she had to go...after 15 minutes.

      Then, I said, "Are you not even curious about why I am in the electric cart?" She looked confused like she had just seen it. Then, she said flatly, "Why?"
      I gave her a one-minute rundown. She said, "I will pray for you as she bolted."

      Hmm, just remembered, I saved her job for her once!

  5. Jane,
    The only disposable I have ever stored were free, heavy paper plates I was sent for use in exchange for a survey and $9. Win for me. It took m about 7 years to use the 50 after the initial trial.

    Now, I am using coupons for these. But, I never buy more than enough for the month. Maybe, if I find them cheap, I will stockpile them. I decided to go with these sturdy ones since my hands, shoulder and knees and back make me wobbly sometimes. Okay, I stagger through the house.

    Surgery is the answer to the pain. sigh....I think!

  6. 'Have I ever used the easy way out because of health?' Wow, that's a loaded question, Linda! lol Short answer ... yes, absolutely yes.

    We choose to live certain ideals in our lives that speak to us like: leave a light 'footprint', take care of the earth and so on. It's easy to feel guilty when our ideals don't match our reality. There is a certain unsettledness about incongruence...a failure to be true to your self and your convictions, as you expressed so well when you said how hard it was mentally to finally make the decision to buy disposibles.

    But I think ill health trumps ideals and convictions at least until we are well enough to start living them (or modified versions of them) again - if ever.

    I am so glad to see that you choose paper over styrofoam. See? An example of a modified version right there. You could have made a less caring (careful?) choice in my opinion.

    I use disposible, pre-measured injections and cotton balls - fresh ones every day. It's just something I have to do right now. Hopefully not forever, but for now the garbage can and sharpes container fill up with hazardous waste. I hate thinking about that, but I'm trying to accept it as necessary and try not to think about it too much.

    I hope your pain is relieved some day soon, Linda. You will feel like a new person, I'm sure of it! In the mean time I hope you continue to be able to put your thoughts (and convictions ;-) here on your blog.

  7. Sue,
    Never styrofoam as long as I have a choice! Thanks for your encouragement. I have been in pain for at least 40 years, in varying degrees, always going to a higher level. Actually, I thought everyone hurt and did not complain, so I rarely complained.

    Now, it is down to me surviving in a manner that I can deal with, and disposables are it for now. I think of it as "save me now: save the world later."

    I hope you will soon be free of injections for your sake. That must weigh heavily on you. But, hope for the future is something you have...good. Surgery is the answer here because of the injuries and insults to my spine, knee, and shoulder. Yes, I will feel like a new person!

    There are days when I speak my thoughts here that I wonder if I am supremely boring. I guess those people can go, stay! Thanks!

  8. I hurt, hurt, hurt. And you have the same designer plates and cups that I use!! Very tasteful...and smart. You can also swat flies and mosquitoes with them. lol

  9. lotta joy,
    We have good I have captured bugs under the cups, but did not think about swatting flies and mosquitoes. Thanks for the tip.


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