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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Help Me Keep up with Hurricane in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York

This is a nervous mama and memaw. My daughter and her children live in Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, New York. I am paralyzed with fear right now. Okay, maybe I exaggerate! You know how it is, not being there or not knowing what will happen.

If you live in NYC or anywhere and hear anything about this area, let me know on the blog. Yes, I will be checking it every 10 minutes on Monday night,

Please do NOT tell me not to worry. That will not be helpful. I gave birth to her. I need information, NOT prayers. Conversation is okay. Maybe you understand?

Maybe this blog post is ridiculous. Hey, I wrote a blogger I follow, and he gave me information last time when I could not contact her.

At least, my daughter has her son home from his girlfriend's house tonight because of the wind and all the trees he walks under on his 20 block walk to and from her house. It must be love. She said he will not go out at all until this is all over because school is out tomorrow.

She and daughter (11) sleep in same bed in my daughter's room, so son (17) will sleep on the floor in her room. She wants them all together. That makes me feel better.

Humor me. Thanks. Any news will be helpful.  Okay, I feel better knowing others are watching for me. I am not sure I can figure out if her electricity is out or if she is flooded. She rents the second story of a house. She is high which in itself could present other problems.

I am sitting here wondering if I should hit publish or not. Okay, here goes.


  1. Hi there,

    This must be nerves wrecking for you.
    I live in a totally different part of the world, but here we have tropical cyclones.
    Every times that one might come our way, it is stressful.

    As you have asked that we don't tell you not to worry...
    I will just ask...
    Did you stockpile some chocolate?

    Have a good day.

    1. No, all I have is a bag of candy corn! I can rectify that by going out an buying a Hershey bar.

  2. I hope everyone's ok. Good luck!

    1. You know how it would be if one of your children would be 1000 miles away and you were stuck where you are! Thanks. I need the luck.

  3. I am in NJ, not too far from NYC. So far there has been flooding of lower areas. None has reached the levels of the second floors. The winds have not been too damaging yet. I will try to keep you updated as long as I have power. Feel free to email me.

    My son is riding out the storm at my parent's house to help them in case they need it. I understand your concern! Although he is only about 15 miles away, in this weather it might as well be 1000. Their neighborhood is surrounded by water with no way in or out.

    My sister and her family have been evacuated by boat.

    I'll be in touch.

    1. Lorie,
      Thank you so much! I know you are concerned about your son and family. Yes, 15 miles of water is a long distance. I talked to daughtr about 3 pm and woke her. I hate that. But, gdaughter tried to tell me about her Halloween costume, and daughter finished the description.

    2. Lorie,
      I cannot find your email address!

  4. 8 pm on Monday night. Lisa still has electricity. A tree took out telephone, tv, and internet. Her daughter is afraid. I don't know if the worst is over or not.

  5. Sorry I could not get back to you again. Things got crazy around here. The worst is now over. Have you heard from your daughter? I am still trying to reach my family.

  6. Have you received any word from your daughter?

  7. Lorie and Janet,
    On Monday, she lost her home phone, tv and internet. I could only text. Since my phone is just a flip phone without querty keyboard, it is difficult for However, I found out basics. This morning, she still has electricity. For that I am grateful. I just saw that 50 homes in Queens burned, so that makes me nervous. Still, if you hear anything, let me know and I will post what I hear. Lorie, I hope you can get in touch with your family soon. I know that must be nerve-wracking! Thanks, both of you.


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