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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make Tombstones for Spooky Graveyard

One Halloween

For Halloween one year, I decided to make tombstones and have a graveyard in my front yard. There is a link to my directions making tombstones in this post . Well, this is last years post and inside that post is a link to directions with pictures of the work in progress. That was the year  I added a pot with a dead branch and vine to up the creepy factor. Here is a breakdown of what I spent.

I really love Halloween, but I refuse to spend a small fortune to have fun in my yard.
I already have  free candy to hand out.

Your turn
I don't want this post or comments to be about whether anyone thinks Halloween is evil or not. How do you decorate? Do you go all out? Make your own costumes? Or, do you turn off all the lights until the costumed munchkins are gone for the night?

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