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Friday, October 12, 2012

Natural, Cheap, Safe Cure for Toenail Fungus

Unfiltered VinegarOne day in late spring, I noticed a white place on my toenail as I sat in a public place. Hmmm, what could it be? Did I drop yogurt on my toe? I know you are laughing, but it is possible. Did I dribble milk that dried? All things are possible with me due to limited mobility but insistence that I am not limited. I keep doing things I need to do or want to do!

At home I washed  it, examined it best I could, scraped at it, and decided it was not food. TOENAIL FUNGUS?  Ack! How embarrassing. To me it is a sign of really nastiness to have toenail fungus. However, the doctor assures me that is not true. Okay, so not getting rid of toenail fungus is a sign of neglect like rotting teeth? Ack! ....sooo embarrassing!

I grabbed the first thing I saw--a smidgen of leftover vaginal cream for a yeast infection. I smeared it on and the spot was gone later.  The next day the white spot under the toenail was back and larger. The kitchen for a cure occurred to me. I found a pint plastic bottle with an inch of Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar. An old toothbrush was my applicator. Since I had on sandals, I just applied this to my big toe each time I peed. The ACV was labeled "bathroom" and kept with the dedicated toothbrush.

Note: I did not use the unfiltered ACV in the picture. I just used plain ACV.

About three or four days later, I decided that this could spread, so all toenails got a dose of ACV. One day, I was sitting in my chair with feet up and sandals off. Exbf, sitting on the sofa said, "What is all over your toes and down on your foot?" I was horrified because he is never critical of anything, especially my feet? The bottom of my toes were a rusty red with lines running almost to the first arch. As I laughed in relief, I told him it was ACV.

In late July, I visited my obgyn for my yearly checkup and told him about the toenail fungus and my vaginal cream cure. He confirmed it was fungus because I had sandals on and it was evident. When I told him about the cream usage, he laughed and said it would do no good at all. Well, that was sort of humiliating! I added the ACV to my story. He told me to go to a dermatologist, that his wife had to take an anti fungal medicine for three month to cure her toenail fungus.

At home, I continued with the ACV, about a dozen times during the day.  The old ACV and the toothbrush for my toes stayed in a certain place. I put the ACV all around all my toes and under the toenails best I could with the toothbrush, using the bristle to go around each toenail.

Now, the middle of October is about here and there is no sign of the fungus and I have cut off the end of the damaged nail finally free of the nail bed area. I do continue to use the ACV and will for the winter, though not as often. All toenails get their dose.

The normal prescription route is three months. The medicine may or may not kill the liver. One doctor said he would live with toenail fungus rather than subject himself to the anti fungal.

The small bottle will be emptied this week and have another two inches of fresh ACV put in it. The toothbrush will be washed and then put through the dishwasher and labeled with a Sharpie. I am ready to start my winter regimen of toenail treatments!

If you have thickened nails from a very advanced case of toe fungus, you need to file down the thick toenail but not entirely. I hear soaking daily in a foot tub of vinegar helps kill an advanced case. I would reuse the vinegar for at least a week before discarding it. Vinegar is probably less expensive than the antibiotic. You be the judge on the information in this paragraph. It will take months, so don't give up daily or twice daily soaks.

However, damp conditions, not changing damp socks, not letting shoes air out, and other things contribute to toe fungus. Remediate conditions that are conducive to fungal growth.

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Do you have a toenail fungus? Have you ever taken the anti fungal for toenailss?  Have you ever cured your toenail fungus with ACV?  Do you even keep ACV in your food supply? Used toothbrushes under the bathroom sink?


  1. ACV is a fabulous idea! I use vinegar for many things, but what I prefer on toes is coconut oil, as I figure it's easily rubbed in and absorbed by my skin and it's also an antifungal. I can't tell if my toenails are just off color from years of polish with no base coat, or if it's something more, but a little coconut oil certainly doesn't hurt!

    1. The iodine is your regular Povidone-iodine which is the stuff they put on your skin
      after you get stitches or surgery. Its redish in color and found in medical kits. Kills
      virus, bacteria and importantly, fungus.Emuaid Reviews

    2. There are many products available to cure nail fungus. However some of them include some risk of further problems, some don’t and will never work, and some people just have the problem of poor health that leads to continued infection.Dermal Therapy Fungistop

  2. Melissa,
    I don't know if coconut oil works or not on toenail fungus. It is more expensive. Besides, this ACV requires no rubbing, so it is faster and easier to do many times each day. If you ever get a toenail fungus, give it a whirl.

    Start putting on a base coat and in a month you will be able to tell if the lack of a base coat is causing the darkening.

  3. The hubs has a toenail fungus he's been trying to get rid of for years! He hates vinegar, but I think I'll get him to try this method anyway. Thanks for sharing this, Linda! Blessings from Bama!

  4. Bama Girl,
    I don't love vinegar! But, the odor dissipates. Would he love to damage his liver? Use the toothbrush and ACV or the soak. Rub some Vicks Salve under his nose so her cannot breathe I truly hope it works. Fungal infections can invade the body through toenails. THEN, you have to take the three monts of possibly deadly medicine. And, it costs more.

  5. Vinegar is great for so many things. You can eat it, clean with it, use it as a cure-all...My son has used it to rid himself of warts, same way, just dabbed it on throughout the day for a week or so. It's something that I would try first before any *medical stuff*

    1. Barb,
      I had a growth of some kind about four inches above my waist. I put Dr. Scholl corn remover on it for about two weeks and it went away. It worked because it was small. On a larger place, it I am going to try this on a place on my hand that is driving me nuts, just a raised brown spot, not a wart. Thanks.

  6. Vick's on the toe nail is supposed to work too. I haven't tried it yet.

    1. Wendy,
      That is not a cure I have heard, but will keep it in mind. It's not a bad thing to hav lots of tricks on hand.

  7. First of all, kudos for being determined to keep doing things! I know that takes an incredible amount of perserverance on your part.

    Second, you are one smart cookie. I like the way you think :-)

  8. Sue,
    Thanks! Both compliments mean lots coming from you. Yes, putting one foot in front of the other is real work rewarded with much pain. I need to be in surgery, NOW.

    Ah, we think alike sometimes, so I guess you are one smart cookie, too.

    1. I almost always squirm when someone compliments me. Thanks for making me squirm. lol

      Did you ever mention why you haven't had surgery yet? Is there a waiting list? I remember that you said that you will need help afterward because of relearning to walk. Are you on a waiting list for that?

    2. I only pay compliments when I mean them. Sometimes, I squirm with insincere compliments, especially if someone pays me a stupid or insincere complement in public!

      I will explain in a post. Lots of people want to know.

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